Friday, 2021-11-05

riniguspiggz: I wonder if we need to make transition chum repos that use 4.2 for building, but have in the name. That way chum can be still used while users are on test sfos releases. Later we could drop it when proper release is out05:24
rinigusSee above for example issue faced by users now05:25
Thaodanrinigus: openssl update requires world rebuild so that's kinda hard (need to rebuild at least openssl and rpm)07:41
rinigusThaodan: as far as I have received as a feedback, apps compiled for sfos 4.2 work on 4.3. Assuming that they didn't force openssl 1.0 and used default 1.1 in builds08:24
rinigusBut indeed, better solution would be to have proper target. Just don't want to overload lbt08:24
piggzrinigus: i guess that will work for most things....08:34
piggzexcept for things which like packages depending on libicu08:35
riniguspiggz: indeed, forgot about icu :). We already have complaints at FSO as well. Would have to write up explanation at some point; could do it later today08:45
piggzrinigus: yeah, some people are never happy :)08:46
piggzits EA08:46
rinigusThat's what they ALWAYS forget08:48
piggzlbt: hillarious! :D13:51
piggzlbt: this must be a first, target on OBS before release?13:52
piggzusually take u 6 weeks :D13:52
piggzmal: lbt: can you add the targets to nemo:testing:hw:common first pls13:55
atlochowskirinigus people are always complaining that something doesn't work in EA releases14:12
atlochowskiwhen i was complainin about this you told me to add repo manually ;)14:12
atlochowskibut lbt fixed it in a flash :)14:14
rinigusatlochowski: there are different ways of writing similar message. one is a complain and another is a bug report. I am not going to dig for examples and find references for it as we have more interesting things to do, but what strikes me is that some expect EA to be perfect. which I don't think is a point of EA. EA was designed to make atlochowski find all the issues, wasn't it?14:45
poetasterFor once, I'm so busy fixing bugs that I have no time to file bug reports. Except against myself. Sigh.15:34
poetasterdoesn't help to switch between php and c++ back and forth. with SQL and awk thrown in for fun. day job/hobby collision.16:21
atlochowskirinigus I agree with you. Wide access to EA is a problem because people wants to have newest version and they expect that EA is fully stable version.16:30
atlochowskiBefore every EA update there should be warning about consequences of using EA16:31
atlochowskiI reported "issue" with chum repo version because I knew people will start complaining.16:33
atlochowskiI did not want to offend you in any way16:35
ThaodanAs one of those that has to fix those bugs I prefer wide range of tests and filter out those "complains". People will always complain that's normal. In German there is the saying only those that write stay "Nur wer schreibt der bleibt" I think that fits quite good here since only those that write a bug report get to be "heard".16:45
renalcalculus[m]Thaodan: agreed, however communication about being heard could be improved.16:47
ThaodanRenaud[m]: that's true however its sometimes quite hard to reach all and what counts as being heard or not is subjective.16:59
riniguspiggz: I will add the new targets to chum and chum:testing. ones depending on nemo:testing:hw:common will just not compile...17:19
rinigushmm, they are in meta of testing already. but something is missing17:20
riniguspoetaster: you will have to fix meta for . please specify disabled repos and keep building as a default. opposite to current approach17:23
riniguswhen ready, we will push the same config to chum as well17:24
poetasterrinigus: yo. only moremahjong?17:25
riniguspoetaster: looks to be so. the rest was fixed already17:26
piggzrinigus: i added17:26
riniguspiggz: looks like we did it in parallel :) . now all should be fine and building for new target17:27
poetasterrinigus: updated moremahjong.17:31
riniguspoetaster: thank you very much! so, it works with 4.0 and 4.1 as well? wasn't it using some component that is available from 4.2?17:32
rinigus(I maybe mixing something up)17:33
poetasterrinigus: I think it was 'there' before, but it shouldn't work. I'll limit it further.17:34
poetasterdon't want to confuse users more than ....17:35
poetasterrinigus: now :)17:38
riniguspoetaster: excellent! and promoted to chum as well17:39
hnjpoetaster: IIRC you recently had a discussion about "package X in the store being available in version Y for arch A makes version Y-n for arch B unavailable" but I’m not sure whether here or in some forum. Do you know what I mean and where that was?18:50
attahhnj: this?
attahI was not able to reproduce; nether the app starting to require 4.0 (only 3.4 as expected), nor it going completely missing from older versions of SFOS18:54
piggzlbt: </cough>18:58
hnjattah: yeah, that, thank you (:19:00
riniguswhen looking at failure of, it seems like macro %{__aclocal} disappeared. or has it moved to new package?19:16

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