Saturday, 2021-11-06

kamroany way to disable snapshots in sailfish sdk (virtualbox)? I always end up in situation where snapshot is reset without any good reason and then dependencies are not longer installed automaticaly , I have to do this manually09:05
kamrohmm ListItem (SilicaMouseArea) have broken doubleClicked signal or it's on my side? When I press on item 0 and quickly on item 1 then I got doubleClicked signal from item 111:18
piggzrinigus: lbt_, flypig: would be nice if we could make sfos device pages like this
riniguspiggz: we used to have something like it in wiki. That's something which gets outdated relatively quickly. So, maybe just start with list of current ports on FSO, as discussed earlier.12:04
piggzrinigus: thats true, and im guilty of it myself12:05
riniguspiggz: not sure "guilty" is a right word. it could have been done by port users as well12:20
kamroso not only silica components, doubleClicked singnal works wrong also for ListView and MouseArea13:08
lolsj29i saw a review of a sailfishos 4.13 - where the android version is shown as 1013:12
lolsj29how is this achieved?13:12
lolsj29waydroid or anbox or their proprietary dalvik thing?13:12
lolsj29btw, sorry, i meant sailfishos 4.3, not 4.1313:12
kamroWhat so strange in android 10? Jolla develops thier own aliendalvik/anbox/waydroid (whatever you will call it) for  a long time alread. oh 24s of this video shows that swipes are broken not only for me, how can this be released?  same in
NicoIt probably gets released, because the bugfixes it has are more important than the swipe issue (that only happens on a few devices in specific orientations)13:22
kamroso far I see 3 devices and not only at specific orientation, on landscape is just worse13:23
lolsj29kamro: oh, so its aliendalvik? i thought aliendalvik only supported upto android 4.4, and was deprecated13:24
lolsj29waydroid seems to be the preferred solution these days13:24
Nicokamro: For me it works fine, it just doesn't work as well in landscape. On the other hand my networking now finally works properly, which is important for my job.13:25
kamrololsj29: yeah AFAIK they rewrite it using lxc containers. Whatever name is "aliendalivek" or "andrord app support" is quite irrelevatn13:26
kamroNico: hm so for example at 10 swipe attempts with (few seconds delay) from lower right side of screen swipe works for you 10 times?13:27
Nico8 out of 10 worked, but I think I just missed the location 2 times13:28
lolsj29kamro: thanks for the response. so i wont get all the android app integration like sharing photos, etc if i use waydroid? in the sailfishos fan club telegram chat, waydroid was reported to work by piggz13:29
Nicowaydroid is much newer and not developed by jolla, so you probably won't have as much integration, at least at this point13:30
lolsj29>as much integration13:31
kamroI do not know the details but for sure jolla android support have better integration then anbox/waydroid but who knows how it will change in future13:31
lolsj29so there is some integration?13:31
NicoI don't know, I haven't ever run it. But there could be at some point13:31
lolsj29you guys use sfos on a xperia?13:32
NicoI do13:32
HengYeDev[m]I am getting reports of Sailtrix not working with SailfishSecrets on 4.3 when the [X-Sailjail] portion of the .desktop file is there. When it's commented out, there's no problem with the secrets database.13:33
kamroNico: thanks for test, I am just afraid your 2 failures are just example of this random issue13:33
Nicokamro: If they are, this is really not important enough to hold up the networking fixes13:34
renalcalculus[m]Ad Sandboxing: any way to check from QML whether an app is running sandboxed or not? Also, which privileges it has requested?13:34
riniguskamro: right now there is no "integration" for waydroid with SFOS - no sharing support, clipboard didn't work when I tested. but waydroid is open source, works for unofficial ports as well.13:34
Nicorenalcalculus, check the app section in the settings. It should show the permissions the app uses.13:35
renalcalculus[m]Nico: Yea, but I would like to show it from within the app.13:36
NicoOh, you want to know it programatically?13:37
NicoRight, my bad, I misunderstood13:38
renalcalculus[m]Nico: Not a problem ;) I can use something like XMLHHTPrequests to figure out file accesses, but that is mightily kludgy :)13:39
NicoI think the goal is for the app to declare, what permissions it needs, and it either gets them or isn't started13:40
renalcalculus[m]I actually want to show on the Covers whether an app is running with certain permissions or not, or in a jail or not.13:43
renalcalculus[m]But I see how the settings app does it: pass the .desktop file, and construct PermissionsModel from it.13:44
Thaodanrenalcalculus[m]: there is way from c++ side so if you have some c++ code you can export that to be visible in the qml side14:09
renalcalculus[m]<Thaodan> "renalcalculus: there is way from..." <- Nice. which would be the way? (apart from looking up its own .desktop file)15:31
piggzrinigus: apologues, i was doing foilauth, but got distracted :D16:42
riniguspiggz: no problem :)16:43
HengYeDev[m]For compatibility with Openssl versions, would it be possible to use an approach similar to to load the openssl library that's on the device?16:50
piggzHengYeDev[m]: does this also help?
HengYeDev[m]piggz: I would prefer to dynamicly load to avoid enourmous executable16:54
HengYeDev[m]s/dynamicly/dynamically/, s/enourmous/enormous/16:54
HengYeDev[m]however, that seems like easier method16:56
piggzyeah, i imagine it would be16:56
HengYeDev[m]how would I get the headers in if I don't dynamically link on libcrypto in qtcreator?17:00
HengYeDev[m](I would prefer to link through QLibrary17:00
HengYeDev[m]* through QLibrary)17:00
piggzHengYeDev[m]: you can still get the headers from openssl-devel right?17:05
HengYeDev[m]i think, i will try it17:06
renalcalculus[m]<renalcalculus[m]> "I actually want to show on the..." <- Hehe, done.18:29
* renalcalculus[m] uploaded an image: (1019KiB) < >18:29
HengYeDev[m]<piggz> "HengYeDev: you can still get the..." <- yeah, but no matter how I build it it still wants to depend on openssl 1.0 during install19:14
HengYeDev[m]guess i'll just statically compile19:21
HengYeDev[m]the sailjail issue is still there though...wonder how that can be fixed19:21

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