Sunday, 2021-11-07

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Martijn[m]Hi all. I got Sailfish installed on a Sony Xperia 10 II yesterday. Does anyone have some tips to easily transfer (most) settings/files from my old Sailfish phone (Xperia 10)? Would copying the home directory work?13:09
ThaodanMartijn[m]: Do you have an sdcard? tar backup can work.14:25
ThaodanI did it multiple times. The only dangers are nemo -> defaultuser changed and file permissions.14:25
ThaodanBut if you backup with --numeric-owner in the rootfs chroot there is not much than can wrong.14:26
Martijn[m]I do have some sd cards laying around. Could try that. Thanks!14:27
Martijn[m]Is it the standard backup option in the settings menu? Like this?
Thaodanrenalcalculus[m]: see here Renaud[m]:14:28
Thaodanrenalcalculus[m]: see here
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hnjMartijn[m]: I also have to migrate. AFAICT making a backup using the settings point "backup" takes care of most things handled by sailfish apps. you can just copy that backup using e.g. rsync to the new phone (you may have to install rsync first), if you don’t want to swap sd cards. I’ll probably try migrating most content of ~/.local/, some of ~/.config/, and most of ~/.cache/ via rsync19:59
hnjas well to have the app-specific data on the new phone as well (e.g. my configured feeds and favorited posts in tidings and other settings and data of (harbour) apps. I also noticed some stuff lying around there somewhere that is _not_ included in a settings->backup backup, like the images of received mms but haven’t tried whether copying these works as expected …19:59
Martijn[m]Thanks for sharing. I guess I should take this opportunity to clear things up. Feels like I have just set up my old phone tho 😅20:11
Martijn[m]I looked at transferring the wifi settings in the past. Back then the configuration was fixed to a mac address... So that would need some script to replace the mac addresses20:13
hnjwhat is "tracker"?22:06
NicoIt tracks, what files you have on your system22:07
hnjNico: thanks22:07
NicoIt basically indexes images, music and videos, so that they can be shown in the gallery and searched by metadata22:07
hnjI see, so am I correct that it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to backup any of ~/.cache/tracker, ~/.local/share/tracker, and ~/.config/tracker?22:09
NicoIt will just be regenerated on a new system22:09
hnjok, cool, thank you (:22:10
piggzmal: is the new sharing API 4.3 onwards?22:12
malpiggz: no idea, need to check22:13
hnjwhat’s "wocky"? and where could I find info about components such as tracker and wocky? maybe I can spare you some more questions like that then (:22:22
piggzmal: 4.2 i think.... just merged a PR for advanced-cam which uses that API, so will need to limit advanced-cam to 4.2 onwards22:38
piggzkarry: ping22:48
hnjwhat’s saved in ~/.config/dconf/user? how can I read that? I tried (on my debian linux system) 'dconf list /path/to/jolla/backup/.config/dconf/', also with 'dump' instead of 'list' but got nothing back.23:41
hnjI’m trying to figure out whether it makes any sense to restore to my new device.23:42

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