Monday, 2021-11-08

x2suh, my X just rebooted09:53
x2sNov 08 10:51:29 Sailfish kernel: PM: suspend entry 2021-11-08 09:51:29.750480465 UTC09:56
x2s-- Reboot --09:56
x2sNov 08 10:52:43 Sailfish kernel: Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset09:56
x2sthat's, uhm, not great?09:56
Thaodanx2s: use a paste service09:57
Thaodandon't spam09:57
x2sback in the days three lines were fine...09:57
Thaodanthree lines of logs don't tell anything worth saying since there is no context.09:58
x2sthere's no error, kernel panic or else in there before it. The message before the suspend entry is five seconds away, which is a very very long time for a computer10:28
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Thaodanx2s: You can look into /sys/fs/pstore for more, something there is more if a device crashes14:04
Thaodanin there14:05
x2s"Rebooting in 5 seconds.." interesting...14:28
x2sLooks like a kernel bug. That NULL pointer dereference is something that should be avoided ;)14:29
kamrodid you have anything from bluetooth in journal: some connect/dissconnect event or krfcommd just died without a reason?15:08
x2swell, there is one, but from seven minutes earlier:
kamroso maybe suspend/resume was enough to trigger some bug15:23
x2sit's an ooold kernel...15:48
kamroI think to get something more useful from this oops you would have to have kernel build with some verbose bluetooth flags or/and run bluez in more verbose mode16:00
kamroI think I used once addr2line to figure out line in kernel source where failure happens16:03
x2sit doesn't happen often enough, I can't trigger it. Maybe every second month, probably even fewer16:23

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