Tuesday, 2021-11-09

dcalisteGood afternoon chriadam, how are you ?08:01
chriadamhi dcaliste, I'm well thanks08:01
chriadamhow are you?08:01
dcalisteI'm fine, thank you.08:03
chriadamDid you see that there was a PO in nemo-qml-plugin-calendar #11 from an OMP developer - I haven't had a chance to check that one yet, but I wonder if you have any thoughts on that one08:04
chriadamthere was also some more discussion on kf5-calendarcore #708:04
dcalisteI would like to thank pvuorela who has bring further the topic of week view in the calendar. And jpetrell and Martin for their initial thoughts.08:05
dcalisteAh, I'm going to look at them now…08:05
chriadamthanks very much08:05
dcalisteAh yes, the calendar one, is a spin off of https://github.com/sailfishos/nemo-qml-plugin-calendar/pull/9 where I commented.08:06
dcalisteIt's a good finding from them.08:06
dcalisteThe issue is sheldom seen, because it is impacting non all day events that span over midnight.08:10
dcalisteI didn't test, but from the code, I think the issue is real and the analysis is correct.08:13
dcalisteThe new MR is actually the solution I proposed in the previous MR. So it needs testing.08:14
dcalisteBut I'm ok with it.08:14
chriadamI wonder if pvuorela and flypig might have some comments on the kf5-calendarcore one, as it seems to involve "trying to maintain behaviour compatibility with exchange" ..08:17
dcalisteI didn't notice the kcalendar PR… I need to look into it.08:19
chriadamNext thing I guess is the sailfish-secrets PR for sailjail support: I think I can just merge that one as-is, without waiting for any other PRs (e.g. the gpg agent related stuff) is that correct?08:24
dcalisteIt's not clear to me what the actual uissue is. I need to play with recurrence rule to see if negative day of month is working properly for every month, including leap years… I'll comment there after investigation.08:24
dcalisteIf it is not working properly, I can make a patch for upstream and update our copy of calendarcore.08:25
dcalisteAbout sailfish-secret. Short answer : yes, correct.08:25
dcalisteLong answer : it's implementing what I called last time the first solution. It's not incompatible with later on moving to solution 2 or 3, which are using a gpg-agent daemon (either ancient or up-to-date).08:26
dcalisteThere will be just a slight modification to the permission rules : when we move to the daemon behaviour, there is no need to grant Secret permissions anymore to the GnuPG permissions. ut I've added a comment on the line to be removed.08:28
dcalisteIn the permission file, I mean.08:28
chriadamsounds good.08:29
chriadamI saw also that you had done some more investigation into packaging gnupg / gnutls / autoconf things08:30
chriadamI didn't have a chance to look into that direction, yet - is there something which needs my attention or is lbt/vige helping there?08:30
dcalisteYes, moving to latest requires to package GnuTLS to version 3 (for gnupg dirmngr handling certificates for S/MIME, as far as I understand).08:31
dcalisteBuilding GnuTLS from git source is tricky because the bootstraping involves various packages that are not in SailfishOS yet.08:31
dcalisteNamely :08:31
dcaliste- autogen (very tricky to build, because it's bottstraping depends on itself),08:32
dcaliste- guile,08:32
dcaliste- libunistring,08:32
dcaliste- bdw-gc.08:32
dcalisteI've packaged them for experimental purposes. So it's feasible, but a bit painful.08:33
dcalisteSo, at the moment we need a decision from lbt or vige or Jolla in general :08:33
dcaliste- either package GnuTLS 3 as a dumb package (it's a "regression" from current version 2),08:33
dcaliste- add these various dependencies and upgrade GnuTLS naturally by changing the target of the submodule.08:34
dcalisteThis is currently discussed in the MR proposed by Renaud[m], but no consensus has been reached yet.08:35
dcalistefor reference : https://github.com/sailfishos/gnutls/pull/108:36
chriadamthanks.  I've poked lbt and vige again.  I guess we can revisit next week if needed.08:40
chriadamfor now: I will merge the sailfish-secrets + sailjail-permissions PRs this week08:40
dcalisteIndeed, with solution 1 underway already, we'll be able to sign email again in the mean time.08:40
chriadamI have asked Dmitriy if he can provide a test case for the nqpc PR also.08:41
chriadamwere there any PRs which I forgot?08:41
dcalisteAbout signed email, there is jolla-email#525 which is uterly strange to me.08:41
chriadamI guess the jolla-calendar week view things - hopefully pvuorela is handling that one08:41
chriadamlet me check jolla-email08:42
dcalisteYes, I'm eager to see the idea of Martin to change view type in calendar. I guess pvuorela or Martin will comment in the MR when ready.08:42
dcalisteI'm regularly using the week view these days and didn't notice any issue. But pull down menu change is not convenient, indeed.08:44
chriadamI've added a couple of comments to the jolla-email one08:47
chriadama mystery indeed.08:47
pekkaponi(pong btw, just opened this irc client)08:49
*** pekkaponi is now known as pvuorela08:50
dcalisteInvalidating the root context is a good suggestion.08:50
chriadamhi pvuorela08:50
dcalisteLooking at the emailservice other property can bring some more information also. I'll give an additional look.08:51
chriadamthank you08:52
dcalisteAny news about jolla-calendar#298 about DST change indication ?08:52
dcalisteI thank jpetrell for the in-depth review he did and the suggestions he gave.08:53
chriadamI will poke jpetrell again08:53
chriadamI think it should be fine to go in, now, personally...08:53
dcalisteWhat may still be missing from Martin mockups is the notification.08:53
dcalisteI rack my brain to find a good place to put it, but didn't find any suitable daemon :08:54
chriadampvuorela: maybe you have a suggestion for that?  lipstick maybe :-P08:54
dcalisteI need to have a once a day trigger that look if we're 3 weeks close to a change08:54
pvuorelasorry, what was this?08:54
dcalistea publish a notification if so (but not if the user already discarded it).08:55
dcalistelipstick could be an option, but it's too UI in my opinion and already much cluttered by various things.08:55
dcalisteIs timed allowing plugin of some sort ?08:55
dcalistepvuorela : it's about publishing a notification for up-coming DST change.08:56
chriadamI don't know about timed08:56
chriadamcontactsd is probably wrong place, but is currently where some random calendar related things are (e.g. birthdays, sync triggers, etc)08:56
dcalisteIndeed for contactsd, but it's even worstly cluttered than lipstick with various things unrelated to contacts.08:57
dcalisteWhat about a small executable in nemo-qml-plugin-calendar that is added as cron ?08:58
dcalisteOr is there a systemd stuff for periodic run of something ?08:58
pvuorelanemo plugins or contactsd feel too middleware for such.08:59
chriadamI'm sure there would be a systemd thing.  but I am not sure I like the idea of a separate process for this one thing.  I dunno.08:59
pvuorelawouldn't be fond of having jolla-calendar stuff outside the app, but guess it would do if it's considered a more generic. for example not dependign on the app installed, just noting that there's a timeshift coming09:00
chriadamOh, unfortunately I have to run, I have another meeting now09:00
chriadamI will let you and pvuorela discuss further, dcaliste.  Thank you for your time and effort as always!09:00
dcalisteThe executable would be very slim and run once a day is enough.09:00
* chriadam -> away, gnight09:00
dcalistethank you chriadam.09:00
pvuorelabut for another thing, pondering if the caledar widget could be helpful here.09:00
pvuorelanot as making a notification but more like showing some extra info.09:01
dcalistepvuorela : I don't know, it was in the design proposed by Martin, so I tried to find a solution to get it. Myself, I'm already happy with the minor +-1 in the month view.09:01
dcalisteWhat would be the extra info in your opinion ?09:02
pvuorelae.g. a label at the end and maybe a close button to dismiss it.09:05
dcalisteAh sure. I understand your point : notification vs. calendar widget label + close button.09:06
dcalisteI agree. I thought about notification because all the infra to display it and having a dismiss button is already in place and we just need a small C++ code somewhere to check if we're close enough to a DST change to publish it.09:07
pvuorelacould mention that to martin too.09:09
dcalisteThanks, but I'm still wondering where to put the small C++ code checking if we're close to a DST…09:10
pvuorela_if_ it's the calendar widget, could myself just put it in the calendar app's plugin.09:11
theflrah+ cp -a './out/target/product/DRG/system/etc/init/hw/init.zygote*.rc' /home/rahul/hadk/installroot/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/hw/09:15
theflrah cp: cannot stat './out/target/product/DRG/system/etc/init/hw/init.zygote*.rc': No such file or directory error:09:15
theflrah Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.AfCg9v (%install)09:15
theflrahAny ideas? Happens when I do "rpm/dhd/helpers/build_packages.sh --droid-hal"09:15
dcalistepvuorela: ok thank, I'll see if that's simple to put it in the calendar widget then.09:16
theflrahAnyone here?09:34
askolsamOnly us chickens09:56
hnjpiggz: I have your "advanced camera" installed on my old jolla1. on the gs290 it seems to be available on neither harbour nor openrepos. is that correct or should it be there?20:30
piggz[m]hnj: advanced cam is in chum now21:03
piggz[m]an older version is in openrepos and harbour21:03
hnjpiggz[m]: under that exact name? neither … ok, strange, now it finds it. it did not before so I probably did something wrong o_O thanks21:40
HengYeDev[m]there seems to be some controversy on static linking...https://openrepos.net/comment/39163#comment-3916322:01
HengYeDev[m]I'm not sure what side I should take on this, static linking is definitely more convenient but definitely isn't such a good practice22:01
NicoStatically linking openssl is bad from a security perspective, but it doesn't matter for people still on 3.4, since they don't get security updates anyway22:02
HengYeDev[m]Nico: They can get the updated openssl 1.1.1 from a package on openrepos22:02
HengYeDev[m]Here it is https://openrepos.net/content/lpr/curl22:03
NicoOnly if you dynamically link22:03

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