Friday, 2021-11-12

riniguslbt: looks like `sailfishos_version` is not defined for 4.2 nor 4.3 SFOS releases at OBS. Would you mind adding that?09:23
rinigus(at least couldn't find it in
rinigusno problem - some may use it for packaging09:25
lbtlast line?09:26
lbtit was missing for - which is odd because I thought I did that for the notes...  fixed it now09:28
riniguslbt: was looking for it on the top :)09:29
lbtyeah - so was I   :D  :D09:29
rinigusawesome - so we have it there09:30
lbtIt should always be at the bottom from now on (due to my simple script)09:31
rinigusnoted. let's see if I forget it...09:32
hnjis there a clock on the home screen in SFOS 4.2?20:39
hnjphrased differently: I seem to remember having a clock displayed on the home screen on my jolla1 (i.e. SFOS 3.something). I don’t see one on 4.2 on the volla/gigaset gs290). It isn’t by any chance in the middle at the top, where the camera notch blocks the display, is it?20:41
hnjok, booted my old jolla1 again and there it is at the top in the middle … is there any way to 'shrink' the display so nothing can be displayed in the top 50 or so pixels? I don’t really mind losing a bit of screen real estate … or any way to display the clock in the corner?20:50
malhnj: you probably might want to talk to piggz about volla port, not sure if possible or how difficult adjusting display area would be22:26
hnjmal: thanks22:51
hnjpiggz: can you comment on my question?22:51

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