Saturday, 2021-11-13

renalcalculus[m]Hi, does OBS have issues? I cannot log in.09:52
attahhnj: it's under the notch (:09:54
attahnot sure where this was asked before.. probably the forum09:55
hnjattah: 'grml' <irony>oh, great …</irony> thanks for confirming12:34
piggzhnj: hi, been camping ...reading backlog13:39
piggzhnj: check patchmanager ... i think at some point someone made a patch for it13:39
hnjpiggz: ah, yes, found one that moves the clock to the right, thank you (:14:23
piggzhnj: poetaster: 4.3 seems to be working ok on yggdrasil/gs290/volla15:25
piggzits in the devel: repo ... will push to testing: soon15:30
hnjpiggz: cool, thanks (:15:53

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