Sunday, 2021-11-14

nephroslbt: I can't log into obs. Is there a known issue or  is it me?09:18
lbtknown issue - Mer's internal cert was created 10 years ago yesterday and expired :/09:18
nephrosah :) thanks for the quick reply!!09:19
nephroslbt: do you have an estimate how log that will take?09:22
lbtI'm out walking today so a few hours I'm afraid09:54
lbtmainly because I can't recall what I did 10 years ago...09:54
poetasterpiggz: thanks for heads up.11:35
*** Malinux- is now known as Malinux12:48
piggzpoetaster: unfortunately, obs logins are down so cant proote just yet13:06
merlin1991so I dropped my phone and the screen is unuseable13:44
merlin1991just before the 4.3 update hit13:44
merlin1991where can I get the recovery img for the previous release?13:44
attahJaaay, finally nailed down the memory fault i had in the SeaPrint conversion/upload rework16:33
attahWith optimizations left on the table, my Xperia 10 II is now twice as fast at producing 600dpi raster as a good laser printer is at printing it - and does it in lock-step at that16:35
lbtpiggz: ping18:04
piggzlbt: pong18:19
lbtnm - not working :/18:19
piggzlbt: lol18:20
piggzlbt: that certificate proving troublesome?19:23
lbthell yeah19:23
lbtit's not just a cert - I need to recreate all the internal certs as the master CA cert is outdated19:24
lbtpiggz: now?19:38
piggzlbt: fixed :)19:38
piggzgood job19:38

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