Monday, 2021-11-15

poetasterditto, lbt.08:30
merlin1991in case someone happens to see my original question about recovery images in the logs, I asked on the zendesk and jolla provided me the one I need :)09:43
Ingvixhuh, gallery can't play gif animations11:02
Ingvixany ideas why my an image fails to load in a qml app? It's shown in the project files and listed in the .pro file15:21
Ingvixs/my //15:21
Ingvixjust a regular png file15:24
poetasterattah: cool!15:42
poetasterIngvix: how do you load it? source: "../cover/imageworks.svg" style, relative to qml file in Image or user a qrc style resource?15:44
Ingvixpoetaster, "images/header.png"15:44
Ingvixso relative15:44
Ingvixhmm, it needs to be relative to the page that loads it and not the project root?15:45
poetasterYes. It's relative within the top scope of the directory (usually qml) that contains the qml files.15:46
poetasterqml/cover/image.png qml/cover/CoverPage.qml contains "image.png" as source:15:47
poetastersource: Qt.resolvedUrl("../tidings.png") and other varianst exist (for instance if you have an image directory at the same level as qml or if you want to use a system icon file.15:47
poetasterresolveUrl is with qml top directory.15:49
Ingvixah, now it works15:56
Ingvixthe path was wrong and also qmllive bench doesn't seem too keen on updating anything else than qml files15:57
piggzhnj: poetaster: testing: is built for 4.3 volla .. wanna try it out?18:08

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