Tuesday, 2021-11-16

dcalisteHello chriadam, how are you ?08:04
chriadamHi dcaliste, I'm well thanks - how are you?08:04
dcalisteI'm ok, thanks. But I've to be at a meeting at 8.30 UTC…08:05
chriadamCool, no problem :-)08:05
dcalisteAnyway, I think there's not too much this week. Thank you for the merges last week of option 1 for GnuPG.08:06
dcalisteHad you the opportunity to discuss option 3 inside Jolla ? I mean create new repos for latest GnuPG and redependencies.08:07
chriadamYes, thank you for making those PRs.  Has there been any more discussion on the GnuTLS upgrade PR from ViGe or lbt?  What is the current thoughts?08:08
chriadamI haven't had any such discussions, personally - I was hoping that ViGe and lbt would discuss as required.  But I can poke them this week.08:08
chriadamI will try to push that along.  Ville mentioned that we need to be careful not to pull GPLv3 things into the device images, but it should be doable.08:12
chriadamLast week we also briefly discussed some OMP POs related to calendar side (kf5-calendarcore and nemo-qml-plugin-calendar)08:12
chriadamI see that one of those, we need to (potentially) modify the exchange plugin to ensure it matches kf5 requirement/assumption.08:13
dcalistevige asked some information about dependencies but didn't conclude if he prefered to accept the regression on gnutls or not.08:13
dcalisteAbout the kcalendarcore potential issue on last day of the month, I didn't get time to give a look. Maybe this week.08:14
chriadamNo worries, thanks.08:14
dcalisteAbout the nemo-qml-plugin-calendar PR, the issue moved to EAS and its way to register full day events. Definitely, there is something there, I can remember some report on the forum about it.08:15
dcalisteI don't have access to EAS source, I cannot comment much further.08:15
dcalisteBut the initial fix proposed in the PR was about events spanning over midnight registered in a different timezone than the system one. I still think that there may be an issue. But the same, I didn't find the time to investigate it.08:16
chriadamWell, I assume that pvuorela will follow up with OMP about that one.  Let me know if there's something for me to do, there, pvuorela :-)08:17
chriadamI think that was all of the items I had in my notes, except for the (ongoing) DST transition PR in jolla-calendar, but I see that jpetrell has been discussing with you, so I assume it's progressing?08:18
poetasterpiggz: 4.3 volla try out willing.08:18
dcalisteYes, jpetrell asked me to correct some QML definition and suggest some name change in the middleware. He created a JB for it also ;) So it should be on track. I guess he would like to test it a bit further.08:19
chriadamcool.  thanks for jumping through the hoops on that one ;-)  I think it'll be really nice addition once it's in.08:20
chriadamDid you have anything else to discuss?  Or is there something in particular I can help with?08:21
dcalisteNo, I think that's ok. It would be cool if the decision can be make about GnuPG upgrade strategy. So PRs can be made in new repos and further testing of all the stack.08:23
dcalisteBesides, I'll try to look to the calendar related issues this week.08:23
dcalisteSo we can discuss them next week.08:23
chriadamthanks very much.  I will try to get the gnupg things moving :-)08:24
chriadamI hope that you have a fantastic week!08:24
dcalisteThank you in advance. I wish you a great week also and run to my next meeting ;)08:25
lolekHi I've stumbled upon a problem while trying to install Sailfish ide, this is the error: "  lchown /etc/mersdk: invalid argument" any ideas what can be wrong? I didn't found anything... host is ubuntu 20.0416:52
piggzrinigus: review for you that I cant do19:29
piggzpoetaster: hnj: tried 4.3?19:36
riniguspiggz: lgtm - done19:42
IngvixI'd like my app to start with two pages on the stack and the second one opened first. Can I just define the pageStack and leave initialPage undefined to achieve this?19:52
Ingvixor how would it be best to implement19:53
HengYeDev[m]How will the performance of GenerateRandomDataRequest in Sailfish Crypto be compared to RAND_bytes in openssl?20:07
MalinuxDid, for some reasons, people with 10 II get two different 4.3 updates or something? My gf have one, is not subbed to the early access, and according to her she got two updates. the first one completed fast, the second one took longer. She took notice of the second version number, but not the first one though20:11
Malinuxah, she said it had something to do with predictive text input. Then it makes more sense :)20:19
poetasterpiggz: sorry, I'm a bit in deep water. (and it's late). how do I best go about installing 4.3.21:06
poetasterpiggz: make sure 'which' testing repo is enabled? use zypper?21:07
piggzpoetaster: ssu re && ssu ur && zypper ref && zypper dup21:20
poetasterpiggz: thanks (always forget set release).21:21
poetasterProbably take me till friday. Candle burning on both ends.21:22
poetasterand thanks again!21:22
piggzlbt: obs dod issue https://build.sailfishos.org/package/show/sailfishos:chum/harbour-amazfish22:02
piggzlbt: however i disabled those builds anyway22:05

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