Wednesday, 2021-11-17

Thaodanpiggz: Have looked into limiting the times that amazfish wakes up the phone?06:31
nshiellHi I updated my phone to 4.3 now it keeps on failing to connect to mobile internet or wifi11:13
nshiellCan I get help here?11:54
x2sI can't, but if you stay a while, maybe someone will.11:57
nshiellthanks, the device has lost a stable network connection, maybe the update went badly for me12:00
nhOmegaso just started an update from 4.2 to 4.3 and it seems to be stuck around 1/3rd in the upgrade bar... anything I can do?12:24
hnjpiggz[m]: no, not yet, I only just installed 4.2, still trying to get everything to work there :D but I’ll try to get to it in the next days, maybe even tonight (i.e. in about 7 hours). Is the update process documented somewhere? I have seen you answer poetaster here but I’d hate to have to search for that line again should there be a lot of traffic in the channel until I get to it …12:30
x2slooks, like I should wait with the update to 4.3 then...12:37
x2sI'm a magnet for such problems12:37
nhOmegaleft it for a long time time force rebooted the phone - came up says it's updated to 4.3 - stuff seems to work12:38
piggzThaodan: should be easy enough to add18:19
Thaodanpiggz: That would be great, Amazfish sucks much battery because of that.18:43
ThaodanAlso is it possible to stop waking the phone app/syncing the watch on inactivity? E.g. if the display hasn't been turned on for X hours?18:44
piggz_Thaodan: sorry, i mis-understood,and after re-reading Q im not so sure....18:49
piggz_(i had a similar sounding but completely different Q today on openrepos)18:49
piggz_i dont know enough about the low levels of BTLE ... but the watch/phone need to maintain a connection constnatly ... and im sure the same applies to android18:50
piggz_i am open to suggestions though18:50
Thaodanpiggz: You could disconnect after X time still.18:51
piggz_Thaodan: yeah, something brute force like that would work ... but would you want that an miss notifications?18:51
ThaodanFor Android wear I could still increase the wakelock circle so the it would loose less power.18:52
Thaodanpiggz: If the phone hasn't been in use for hours I likely want to do that. E.g. I go to sleep but don't want to disconnect my watch.18:53
attahXperia 10 III at 300€ in Swederp... not bad19:10
hnjI’m upgrading to 4.3 and 'zypper dup' says that 39 packages will be downgraded. that’s unexpected. is it normal?20:50
hnjoh, wait, it’s 149. looked at the wrong section …20:50
hnjoh no ): qtimetable will never be fixed … and fahrplan doesn’t work either for switzerland /-:21:06
piggz_rinigus: ping21:13
piggz_hnj: yes, downgrade is normal21:14
hnjpiggz_: ok, thanks21:15
Nekron[m]<attah> "Xperia 10 III at 300€ in Swederp..." <- Still too expensive here (DE 370,- and up)21:23
hnjpiggz_: upgrade seems to have gone fine and basic functionality is there. anything in particular you need feedback on?21:48
piggz_hnj: no, all should be ok afaik21:48
hnjpiggz_: cool, thanks for your efforts! (:21:52

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