Thursday, 2021-11-18

riniguspiggz: morning!07:07
piggz[m]rinigus .... on waydroid, if you reboot phone, or it reboots because of power fail, then session file remains.  waydroid-runner states that session is running.  i wonder if you could add a button in that situation to execute "waydroid session stop" to prevent dropping to command line08:06
riniguspiggz: We can add it, sure. as it will be running as a user, there should be no problem with it08:20
riniguspiggz: opened an issue for it08:22
piggz[m]rinigus: gr808:24
Ingvixwhere could I get those extra sfos modules for the sdk again?09:38
Ingvixguess it was the better-sailfishos-qmltypes09:47
Ingvixhmm, "could not exec '/usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlplugindump': No such file or directory"10:17
Nekron[m] piggz Thanks for the news and keep it up! 👍️ 💯11:31
piggz[m]i think you mean flypig :)11:34
Nekron[m]Damit... yes! But you, too do amazing things 👍️11:38
Nekron[m](I'm getting old to mess up with community member names 🧓)11:39
flypigThanks Nekron[m] :) And I fully agree, piggz[m] deserves thanks as he's usually generating the news!11:41
*** Ischwitch is now known as Ingvix12:25
poetasterpiggz: great job. that was about the most smooth system update i've ever experienced.12:33
CarlSchwan[m]Hi, I'm trying to build a sailfishOS application and I'm honestly lost with the build tooling. Could someone help me? This is the error I get using the sdk:
NicoDid you choose the docker or the virtualbox backend?18:58
CarlSchwan[m]I choose the docker backend, but previously also tried the virtualbox backend18:58
NicoYou didn't have any errors when installing the targets?18:59
attahComplaining about ssh still sounds a bit like VirtualBox... maybe there is config left?19:00
CarlSchwan[m]attah: this could be indeed possible19:00
CarlSchwan[m]Nico: nothing :( but let me try to reinstall19:00
NicoTry uninstalling everything, then wiping ~/SailfishOS and any virtualbox machines left over19:01
CarlSchwan[m]I removed everything and also the config. Now I need to wait 10min for the installation to finish, I really hope it will work :)19:07
* CarlSchwan[m] sent a code block:
CarlSchwan[m]it seems the targets don't get installed correctly :/20:00
NicoWhat distro are you on?20:03
CarlSchwan[m]openSUSE tumbleweed20:03
NicoI think I have the "Id was not found" error too, but otherwise it works fine20:04
NicoCan you run `sfdk tools list`?20:05
* CarlSchwan[m] sent a code block:
NicoWhat user did you run that as? Your normal user?20:06
CarlSchwan[m]yes normal user, but my normal user can run docker as root20:07
NicoYeah, that should be fine20:07
NicoYour dbus is working?20:07
CarlSchwan[m]docker ps shows that the container exists20:08
CarlSchwan[m]seems like ssh just doesn't want to work, weird20:08
CarlSchwan[m]Nico: I hope, otherwise I would have bigger problems20:08
NicoWell, it does say your dbus didn't return a reply20:09
CarlSchwan[m]killed the docker container and the redid the command and now I have:... (full message at
Nico`sfdk --debug engine exec true` maybe?20:10
NicoAh, it seems like there is a `~/.cache/SailfishSDK` folder20:11
CarlSchwan[m]ok will retry after removing it20:14
CarlSchwan[m]Nope still the same error :/20:15
NicoAnd no extra logging with the debug?20:15
CarlSchwan[m]just sfdk: [D] Disabling reverse path mapping20:16
NicoI guess `QT_LOGGING_RULES=sfdk.vms.debug=true sfdk --debug engine exec true` should print more20:16
NicoOr even replace the vms with *20:21
CarlSchwan[m]I get more output but it's still the same error20:21
* CarlSchwan[m] uploaded an image: (251KiB) < >20:21
CarlSchwan[m]seems to be
NicoSounds like it20:22
CarlSchwan[m]I'm not so sure I want to change some kernel parameters that may or not break my docker during the week. I will try the instruction this weekend20:23

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