Wednesday, 2021-12-08

riniguspiggz: and I was waiting for my morning screenshot... Yesterday was reading up on GitHub graphql - looks like a way to go for us. Similar is supported in gitlab.05:57
piggz[m]Rinigus: no change to frontend :)06:59
mpolCan someone confirm that busybox / ash sets SHELL=bash as environment? I only have ash installed, rebooted, and it is in my env as nemo user. I would think it is wrong, correct? Since it is not bash, but ash11:52
mpolI have had bash installed previously, so it might just be a leftover somewhere11:52
poetasterrinigus: can you have a peak at
poetasterrinigus: seems with my last bump on the spec that something went south. I'm not seeing it.13:45
poetasterwell, anyone who can help debug chum.13:45
riniguspoetaster: I hope I can look later tonight. not 100% sure at this moment, sorry13:46
poetasterrinigus: there's time. I'm juggling so probably not seeing something obvious.13:47
riniguspoetaster: I wonder if it is tar_git bug. Try to put `name:` instead of Name: in SPEC description. see source file as downloaded by OBS in your package folder14:00
poetastergot it.14:01
malrinigus: poetaster: the issue is the Name, not if it's capitalized or not14:19
poetastermal: danke.14:20
poetastermal: thanks :) I'm in a german meeting on another channel.14:20
malpoetaster: you can see in the diff of revisions that it uses that Name as the name of the tar.bz2 so Name should be harbour-beamdimension14:20
malnot even sure why you override the name in the chum section14:21
poetastermal: yes. I think the chum meta needs to exclude name :)14:21
poetastermal: but thanks for clarifying, I think this was an obvious collision.14:22
malpoetaster: does chum incorrectly use Name for something, instead of using Summary14:22
poetastermal: it's an experimental stage for including more meta data for the chum gui.14:23
poetastermal: discussion
malpoetaster: ok, so maybe you should directly use the existing Summary field or have the new Package as the package name14:23
malbecause Name is the rpm name i.e. harbour-* in normal sfos apps14:24
poetastermal: I'll rework.14:24
malpoetaster: since you have those Package and Name in chum section with same content as Name and Summary elsewhere in spec those Name and Summary should be enough, any other things are fine probably, also wondering if Repo is needed because it probably should match to Url anyway14:27
poetastermal: you're right on all counts. I'll bring it up with mal and piggz later. thanks.14:28
rinigusmal: the problem with that particular SPEC parsing is that SPEC is grepped incorrectly by tar_git. I suspect it is just using 'Name:' to search for it.14:50
rinigusif I parse using rpmspec, I will get correct response to `rpmspec -q --queryformat='%{NAME} ' test.spec`14:51
rinigusin that spec, I removed %if section for Chum, so it is always loaded14:51
rinigusrpmspec -q --queryformat='%{DESCRIPTION} ' test.spec -- would also lead to correct description with chum section available.14:52
malrinigus: but Name is used in %setup -q -n %{name}-%{version} which is what caused the build to fail in that example14:52
rinigusmal: Name from chum section should not be read in as it is a part of %description field14:53
rinigusand that's exactly how rpmspec is parsing it14:53
malis it really?14:53
rinigusnote that in the build it is parsed correctly. just tar_git downloads it wrong14:53
malafaik the order of things in spec is not fixed, you can have other things after description14:54
riniguswell, let me show it via paste. just a sec14:54
rinigusmal: this is SPEC: . this is parsing
rinigusmal: and the bug is here:
rinigus... I think. in general, it is using plain grep instead of something that knows how to parse RPM14:59
rinigusas for Chum needing Name - we would like to have a way to specify human-exposed name to users. instead of something like harbour-beamdimension. Note that Summary field is a sentence - not really a name.15:01
rinigusbut to avoid clashing with tar_git, we should probably use some other tag. Package can be used for it, as it is free from tar_git. just confusing.15:02
malrinigus: probably just don't reuse any of the things already by default in spec15:03
rinigusExposedName, ForHuman, or some other possible options...15:03
malPackageName or something15:03
rinigusPackageName is good.15:03
riniguspiggz , poetaster: see discussion above15:03
poetasterrinigus: used Packagename (shit, not camel case). But, that does build.16:57
poetasterpiggz, rinigus: submitted what I hope to be usefull packages to chum (useful in testing meta data, that is).17:00
Thaodanwhat about displayName17:15
piggz_flypig: acorn is good ... but a little acedemic ... no games :D17:24
piggz_rinigus: whats the plan tonight for store17:29
piggz_poetaster: the submissions you made dont follow the revised format I suggested17:35
piggz_i think we should bottom the spec, document required/optional entries and fix it in stone17:36
riniguspoetaster and piggz_ : sorry, accepted the SPECs at OBS and then read piggz_ message just after that :(17:51
riniguspiggz_: don't know. I wanted to read chum-gui code and figure out the structure of it. maybe we should file issues in its repo and start working on them.17:55
rinigussetting the first standard on SPEC extension would be a good step to do17:55
piggz_rinigus: let me draft it up and pase something instead of going round the comments17:58
riniguspiggz_: great!17:59
rinigusI will write down the shortcomings I am aware of as issues in -gui17:59
piggz_rinigus: live discussion
riniguspiggz_:  let's try. do I just remove and replace? or write suggestion in chat18:10
piggz_rinigus: just edit it18:10
piggz_as you feel free18:11
piggz_or write comments18:11
piggz_doenst need to be in the chat18:11
riniguspiggz_: my comments / changes are in18:17
piggz_rinigus: adding some info..18:17
piggz_rinigus: so, type is as per the appstream spec....18:20
riniguspiggz_: sounds good!18:20
rinigusnow I wonder how we are going to joggle category and package type in GUI18:20
riniguspiggz_: ^18:20
piggz_rinigus: category would show the application in that category in the gui/store .... type would be an indication on the pacakge page as to what the type of program is ?18:21
riniguspiggz_: nice!18:22
riniguspiggz_: question, do we want to have libraries also listed in categories? So, "Video" would include only apps or also libs with Video category? In principle, we can add setting to filter and show apps only18:24
piggz_rinigus: i think we can refine things like that so long as we have the data18:31
riniguspiggz_: agreed!18:31
rinigusnow need to write it up and add to chum main repo as a guide.18:32
piggz_on it18:35
riniguspiggz_: are we using camel case or nocase? PackageName or packagename?19:27
piggz_rinigus: i was thinking camel to match appstream?19:27
riniguspiggz_: then we have to adjust the example in your (awesome) text19:28
riniguspiggz_: in the example, you indented YAML metadata. was it on purpose?19:29
piggz_rinigus: no, its as per copy/paste from spec19:31
riniguspiggz_: maybe we should drop that too - would confuse some19:31
piggz_rinigus: actually, it must have auto indented .. its not indeted in spec19:31
piggz_will remove19:32
rinigusprobably due to %if19:32
piggz_rinigus: take another look ... walking dog now :)19:33
riniguspiggz_: I filed few issues and would like to read the code. would need to get a better overview to be able to contribute19:34
riniguswill read your doc first. enjoy the walk19:34
piggz_rinigus: back ... wondering where to start19:59
piggz_the parsing code is pretty simple, I gather you want to to most of the work in C++ ?20:00
piggz_not just shove a blob to QML and do it there?20:00
riniguspiggz_: yes, I think we need to parse in C++ with the properties exposed properly. that would allow to add github/lab as well.20:02
rinigusbut I need to read the code first to be up to speed. so far was mainly discussing and reading github/lab apis20:02
riniguspiggz_: btw, does it open cleanly for you in sfos qt creator? for me not - I am getting some cmake errors there. but rpm compiles fine20:03
piggz_rinigus: yeah, its a pain, ive been editing in kate and building in my t5 sdk!20:04
riniguspiggz_: had the same thought, just wasn't sure how to select between them when package is clicked. hence reading the code :)20:08
piggz_rinigus: part of the issue is that the list model doesnt parse the description ... thats why there is no icon in the list20:09
riniguspiggz_: I suspect we will need to do that while listing already. as we may want to switch to libzypp, that part has to be figured out as well20:11
riniguspiggz_: actually, we do need to parse all descriptions as we want to show names, categories and such. not necessarily github crawling, but that metadata is already required to list packages20:15
rinigusshow names -> use names in the list20:16
piggz_yes, i know, also for the icon20:16
piggz_rinigus: still up?21:36
piggz_rinigus: for when you awaken ... i was able to build chum gui using the sdk app after updating the sdk to latest .... i also had to clear build files written to the source dir from building using build_packages.sh22:45

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