Thursday, 2021-12-09

riniguspiggz : morning! I will try again after cleaning. So far, I was using a build subfolder and mb2 from SDK docker setup (SSH into it). Let's see if cleanup will help in my case05:53
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poetasterpiggz: updated
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piggz_rinigus: PR your way .. something different to thinking about the store :)18:13
piggz_quality of life improvement for runner, stopping me having to go to the command line18:13
riniguspiggz_: awesome, looking forward to read it.18:22
riniguspiggz_: I applied my ninja skills and found out how to fix sfos creator loading of -gui: `sb2 SailfishOS- -R zypper in ninja`18:23
rinigusfor some reason it prefers ninja to gnumake18:23
piggz_rinigus: thx for review20:00
riniguspiggz_: thank you very much for working on it!20:16
piggzStrange issue ... anyone using the SDK?20:49
piggzaccording to the .desktop file, the command used to start the sdk is20:49
piggz/home/piggz/sdks/SailfishOS/bin/qtcreator -name SailfishSDK-qtcreator20:49
piggzhowever, it doesnt work...when I run that in konsole, it says the name parameter is not recognised. .... could it me a wayland issue, and -name only works on x11?20:49
Renaud[m]it does work on my machine but running x11. I don't know what the name parameter does, though20:51
piggzRenaud[m]: im sure its an x11 thing ... i assume it just changes the title bar text20:55
Renaud[m]makes sense, it seems to be one of the global Qt parameters21:01
piggzrinigus: naming of variable is as per m_exitCode :)21:09

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