Wednesday, 2021-12-15

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piggzViGe: surprised you havnt sent a PR for10:13
piggzin amazfish!10:13
piggzyour my heads-up on these things ;)10:14
piggzhmm, maybe not needed ... dbus to systemd might work10:16
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attahpiggz: hmm, we have gcc 8.3, so even C++17 should be supported with  decent margin18:13
malattah: the issue from last night was because of incorrect use of template function afaik18:14
attahgood you sorted it18:14
piggzattah: yeah, it was fussy about accepting a int literal as a uint18:55
attahyeah, error messages in those new fancy things are not great...18:56
piggzattah: interesting thing i learned was that with qt being at 5.6, it doesnt send -std=cxx14, but std=gnu++1y19:01

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