Thursday, 2021-12-16

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ViGepiggz: Now that you wrote that... I'm surprised myself as well. I have been running amazfish with sandboxing disabled for so long. I guess when I made the transition it didn't make any sense to make the PR, because the whole sandboxing thing was so far away from reaching public, and then I just forgot.08:01
thilo[m]Is there any need to make hydrogen available on openrepos? Or is the official store good for everyone?08:24
thilo[m]Do ports have access to the store?09:20
x2sHas anyone ordered a Xperia 10 III yet and can tell me what is included in the delivery? Just the phone?11:26
malbox had at least charger and usb-c cable12:33
ViGemy box didn't have a charger, only usb cable12:40
malinteresting, I still have the charger in the box12:48
ViGewhere did you buy yours from?12:51
ViGeso did I. And all the models they currently sell state on the page that the charger is not included. So they probably had it before and then removed it :/12:58
x2sand do I see correctly that there's only a dual sim version available?13:06
ViGeso it seems13:07
x2sok. So I might need a charger then.13:09
x2sA few things will decide now, if I buy it this year or wait a month or two13:09
x2s(Most of the time it's not a good idea to buy electronics before christmas...)13:10
paanyone here who has QCFire ?20:07
attahpa: what are you getting up to?20:08
paattah: still trying to unbrick an ota-bricked jolla120:09
attahOh, and QCFire helps there?20:09
paso i was told, but idk..20:09
panot even sure what that is or what it does20:10
attahwhat would one do with it?20:10
paunbrick the device, i suppose..20:10
paprobably reflash20:10
attahAlso, at a closer look... i mixed it up with something else20:11
attahSome other Qualcomm tool20:11
panot sure if there is another way.. would like to know20:12
attahSurely if you are unscrupulous enough, somewhere on the internet will have it20:12
paattah: i tried to be, yet i failed20:12
attahBut all the same it seems like more  of a toolbox than just one purpose20:12
attahso knowing what to do with it seems important20:12
paattah: that too, one of the reasons i asked here :)20:13
attahSeems very googlable and readily available... maybe it's not even illegal (:20:20
attahor is there a license some time later or what?20:21
attahI'm not about to dust off Windows for this... that laptop is older than the J120:22
poetasterI was about to say my last windows was older than you. Always fishing for compliments.21:32
poetasterattah: if you have the time, perhaps you could install my silly German Weather Service app and tell me if GPS location search 'hangs' in the sailjailed version.21:33
poetasterI mean, Karry tipped me off to debugging it, but I think official sailjail is different from volla sailjail21:34

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