Thursday, 2022-01-06

piggz[m]rinigus: i wonder why updatePackage is installing all updates ... i had a quick look at the code and it looked to be doing the right thing10:45
x2sis there any tool to force a hard reset of the lte modem?11:02
x2s(and how long until the 10 III is supported?)11:03
poetasterpiggz[m], rinigus : where are the configs stored for chum gui? I can't configure without needing to screw about with ssu. pita.11:35
piggzpoetaster: its qsettings, so, something lke ~/.config/...11:36
poetasterI looked there.11:36
poetasterusing find.11:38
piggzpoetaster: not very hard11:38
piggz[defaultuser@Pro1 .config]$ cat sailfishos-chum-gui/sailfishos-chum-gui.conf11:38
poetasterhmmm. does not exist11:38
poetasterpiggz: do you still have sailfishos-chum-yggdrasil enabled? I keep getting the misconfigured message.11:40
poetasterpiggz: I had tried to change to 'testing'11:40
piggzpoetaster: not ran it on my volla :)11:41
poetastermy volla IS your volla :)11:41
poetasterpiggz: ssu rr sailfishos-chum-testing fixed it.  so, avoid testing.11:42
poetasterpiggz: I finally decided to waste some money on a sony just to get a feel for everyone's pain.12:04
riniguspoetaster: just disable  sailfishos-chum-yggdrasil and let gui manage the repo. then there will be no pain in switching between repos either16:06
riniguspiggz: re updates - if you try to do `pkcon update packageName`, it will also pull all packages for updates not just the named one. looks to be a bug in packagekit16:07
piggzpoetaster: you didnt need to add your .pro.user file to sailgo16:32
piggz#protip ;)16:32
piggzrinigus: new chum submission... need to contact user about the metadata16:33
piggzah, i have an email address16:34
piggzand a telegram16:42
riniguspiggz: great, that should be sufficient :)16:44
piggzrinigus: wondering, if these were ==, the yggdrasil problem would go
riniguspiggz: no, that wouldn't work as we allow to have version-overwritten repos as well. main issue that yggdrasil has chum predefined and it is impossible for gui to switch over to testing18:55
piggzrinigus: but it could still manage the user version, and leave the system one alone18:56
riniguspiggz: I actually don't know what will happen if you have the same repo defined twice.18:56
rinigusor if you have :testing and regular available at the same time18:56
piggzrinigus: the repo name is different so wouldnt clash18:57
piggzit just points to a similar place18:57
riniguspiggz: we currently autodetect Chum repo. that would probably have to be adjusted to ignore that global one.19:05
riniguspiggz: for example restrict to aliases that we have in the code19:06

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