Friday, 2022-01-07

poetasterpiggz: I don't usually add the user pro. hmm.09:33
poetasterrinigus: you had suggested filing a bug with Packagekit. We have the problem that we have tag 1.1.13 which is 2 years old.09:44
riniguspoetaster: maybe then you could make a bug report at FSO? as it is for `pkcon` as well09:45
riniguslet's see if Jolla can look into it. updating packagekit maybe a solution09:46
poetasterrinigus: yo. I'll dig a little more. just doesn't make sense to make a ticket with an old lib09:48
riniguspoetaster: thanks!09:49
poetasterrinigus: libzypp
poetasterringigus: never mind. i'll just read the code.09:59
riniguspoetaster: that particular issue was solved via packagekit.10:16
poetasterrinigus: yeah, I read the code (from your comment/commit).10:17
poetasterrinigus: I was just curious why not libzypp? It has much better support than packagekit.10:17
poetasterrinigus, although libzypp is pretty big, it's available by default. hmmm.10:18
riniguspoetaster: when reading its docs it wasn't that super obvious how to use it.10:18
rinigusbut the main issue is that I don't think you can run chum-gui as a regular user then10:19
poetasterrinigus: yo. you're using the packagekit daemon via dbus, righ?10:21
poetasterah, see it.10:23
riniguspoetaster: yes, we do. same with ssu10:46
hnjpoetaster, piggz[m]: gs290/volla: do MMS work for you? my phone usually fails both sending and downloading …15:36
poetasterhnj: it's a bug in jolla-messages.15:37
hnjpoetaster: oh, got a reference?15:37
poetasterhnj: can be 'hotfixed by adding the repo' and installing :)15:38
poetasterI can send and recieve MMS with wifi only, I think :)15:39
hnjpoetaster: hm, with that hotfix or without?15:53
poetasterI haven't done the hotfix.15:54
poetasterI don't use MMS very often. I just tested with wifi and it worked.15:54
hnjhm, doesn’t for me … just rotates15:57
poetasterhmm. I'll see if I can formulate a step-by-step. it's a bit tricky.16:00
hnjenabling wifi? o_O16:02
poetasterno, steps to, ssu ar, zypper download, install, etc.16:03
hnjah, no need for me, at least not yet …16:07
*** Mikaela is now known as Guest1055916:11
poetasterhnj: I want'ed to kick the can about, but it's a pain.16:31
piggz[m]hnj: poetaster : dont think ive ever sent an MMS :D16:42
poetasterpiggz: then you haven't been using mobile phones very long (ducks and runs).16:46
poetasterpiggz[m], well, I am really old.16:46
piggz[m]im probably older :D ... i remember when MMS were charged at like 50p / message16:47
poetasterpiggz: build in the year of our lord 1968. My first mobile had a cord.16:48
poetasterpiggz[m], and antenna!16:48
piggz[m]ok, youve 10 years on me16:48
poetasterpiggz[m], but you have grown kids? I started WAY late.16:48
poetasterpiggz[m], I think the MMS still cost 50p16:50
Mikaela0.30 €/pcs for me16:52
poetasterMikaela, 0.3277 for me17:17
riniguspiggz: submitted a package for you to review to chum:testing. no need to push it to regular yet, will have to check it out tomorrow morning21:46
piggz[m]rinigus: went to spam!21:46
riniguspiggz: no wonder. me sending21:47

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