Friday, 2022-01-21

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keithzg[m]Hah I had bothered to rejoin this channel because the last few times I tried to update my Xperia 10 it just never downloaded the update, but today for whatever reason the download indicator is visibly progressing, classic case of something starting to work as soon as one goes to find help :D02:30
Kabouik_It's been a long time since I last used OBS. Can anyone remind me how to upgrade a package when sources on git have changed? I don't remember if I have to upload a .tar.gz or if OBS will fetch the changes directly using my _service file.10:40
Kabouik_ this is for this package10:40
Kabouik_I think the tar.gz was automatically fetched from the revision/commit indicated in the _service file but am not 100% sure, and now this doesn't work when I try to edit the revision hash in _service:
Kabouik_Apparently the webhook service that I had in my `_service` file no longer works, removing it and keeping only tar_git worked.10:54
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riniguspiggz_: what was the reason for havoc being declined? or was it mistake?16:16
rinigusor had some agreement with Kabouik_ ?16:17
poetasterpiggz_, you ever see jolla-gallery crashes?
piggz_rinigus: he had both dev and packager name in one field, asked him to change17:03
poetasterpiggz: ah, we have packager now.17:07
riniguspiggz indeed. Hopefully he got your message18:01
piggzrinigus: he did, i was chatting on TG18:01
riniguspiggz great!18:03
henkAFAICT "people" does not list entries without first and lastname but with company name. does anyone know whether that’s correct? or can test it and report back? testing: open "people" app, choose "add contact" from the pulley, enter company name 'Mustercorp' and a phone number, save, go back to 'people' app check under 'M' whether it’s listed.18:59
VerevkaHi all19:30
VerevkaCan anyone help with obs registration for my devices?19:33
malhave you verified that the imei is correctly seen in output of "ssu s"?19:39
VerevkaYes, everything is fine with that19:41
malVerevka: then ping Keto to enable store for your device, mention the device model line from the "ssu s" output21:17
henkam I muted? o_O21:18
henkmal: was that in response to me?21:22
henkoh, good, thanks21:25
henkI wonder why no one is responding to my question about the "people" app. basically anyone could test it in under a minute and give me feedback whether it behaves the same for them but no one does. is there anything unreasonable in my request? is it hard to understand? would anyone please let me know if they have a reason to not respond?21:27
malhenk: at least I can see the contact I added, it has only company name and a phone number21:36
Verevkamal: Thank you21:40
henkmal: in the list under M? (or whatever the initial letter of the company name you entered was)21:49
malhenk: yes, I tried with two different names, in both cases I could see it in correct place21:55
henkmal: alright, thank you21:56
henkwonder what’s wrong on my device, then o_O21:56
maldo you see anything in journal log?21:56
henkmal: uuuh, I’ll get back to you. not getting an ssh connection right now and can’t debug now as I need to go to bed … will check this weekend. you mean when starting the "people" app, right?22:12
Kabouik_While I'm rebuilding Havoc on OBS, can anyone tell me what is wrong with my webhook?22:53
Kabouik_And the service file:
Kabouik_The issue is with the first service22:56

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