Saturday, 2022-01-22

riniguslbt: we have several 3.x repos at blocked by "downloading dod packages" . please help07:55
rinigushmm, lbt is not in the channel users list. how do we reach him? or does anyone else has access to OBS and knows how to fix this issue?07:57
riniguspiggz and mal ^07:57
Ketorinigus: I might be able to help, but unfortunately I don't have time before monday...08:39
rinigusKeto: thanks! it's OK. should we ping you on Monday or would you remember it?08:40
Ketoprobably better to ping :)08:43
rinigusOK, will put into calendar08:48
henkmal: I checked 'journalctl -xef' and there is a lot going on. I removed everything I was reasonably certain was not related and am left with do you see anything in there that might indicate an issue?19:31
malnothing obvious20:20

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