Sunday, 2022-01-23

*** ggabriel is now known as Guest27811:54
piggz_rinigus: i wonder if gmail will ever learn that obs emails are not spam19:13
riniguspiggz_: I have been marking them such - so it may have helped for me19:13
piggz_ive just marked about 1019:13
piggz_lets see19:13
rinigusspeaking of - have an email from 2 days ago in spam :)19:14
piggz_rinigus: any intersting new submissions?19:14
riniguspiggz_: I am helping with defender to get there19:14
rinigusthen its only wisperfish that I get from openrepos - otherwise all the rest is from chum19:15
rinigusor official store19:15
piggz_cool .. i went and deleted a bunch of openrepos repos as not nescessary any more too19:15
piggz_i need to go and audit what is installed from the remaining19:15
rinigusotherwise, folks are submitting, so it is doing decently well.19:17

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