Monday, 2022-01-24

keithzg[m]Really got my fingers crossed that one of these system updates will somehow result in Fuoten not crashing on launch, almost up to date now on my Xperia 🤞01:11
keithzg[m]Awww shucks it does launch again now but back to "Internal server error ― An unexpected condition was encountered on the server."01:14
keithzg[m](It gets the list of folders and feeds, but then chokes when trying to pull in articles.)01:14
rinigusKeto: this is a reminder regarding OBS dod packages :)09:01
*** Malinux- is now known as Malinux12:17
rinigusKeto and lbt: reminder regarding our "downloading X dod" issue. see
Ketorinigus: ack18:09
lbtkicked and alive cc Keto19:24
lbtcc rinigus too :)19:24
riniguslbt and Keto: thanks a lot!19:25
Ketoheh, I was just wrestling with my ssh key to get in there :)19:26
rinigusKeto: sometimes it is all what's needed. if you have lbt nearby :)19:31

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