Saturday, 2022-01-29

WikiwideProblem with Sailfish OS installation on my Fxtec Pro1. First I noticed that Storeman would give me curl error 60 and therefore could not reach repositories.20:43
WikiwideApparently, it's a known problem with certificates. I tried upgrading ca-certificates, first from 3.4 repository as recommended, then from (which upgraded not only ca-certificates, but also p11-kit and p11-kit-nss-ckbi). Still, certificate problem not solved.20:46
WikiwideSo, I went the route of blacklisting the problematic certificate. That worked.20:47
WikiwideBut, later on, WLAN started saying Networking is not available, please restart the device.20:48
Wikiwidefoo-sailfish- repository had been removed from zypper right after upgrading ca-certificates.20:48
WikiwideDowngrading ca-certificates, p11-kit-trust, p11-kit and p11-kit-nss-ckbi didn't help.20:49
WikiwideMultiple reboots didn't help.20:49
WikiwideFull flashing is not an option, not unless I can somehow pull out full back-up beforehand, and even then, I would rather not flash /home partition with user files and everything.
WikiwideSwitching, SIM card from one slot to another , didn’t help. Neither did shutting down the device and switching it back on.
WikiwideI tried mv /var/lib/connman /var/lib/connman.bak . It said I do not have /var/lib/connman . Is that normal? Reinstalling  connman didn’t help.Creating directory  /var/lib/connman didn’t help.20:54
Wikiwideps aux showed  Hn. /usr/sbin/connmand -n -W nl80211 --nobacktrace --systemd --noplugin=wifi --config=/etc/connman/main-native.conf So I went to /lib/systemd/system/connman.service and edited it to remove --noplugin=wifi20:55
WikiwideAfter reboot, /usr/sbin/connmand -n -W nl80211 --nobacktrace --systemd --config=/etc/connman/main-native.conf , but still no WiFi.20:56
WikiwideNow I notice that neither jolla-camera nor harbour-advanced-camera work. jolla-camera: /usr/share/droidmedia/hybris.c:53: __resolve_sym: Assertion `ptr != NULL' failed.20:56
Wikiwide I changed adaptation-community and adaptation-community-common from latest to testing. Then I did ssu re, zypper clean, zypper ref, version --dup - this uninstalled some droid-t5 things and the like - and restarted.20:57
WikiwideThis made even screenshot taking not work. So I changed adaptation-community and adaptation-community-common from testing to latest, then I did ssu re, zypper clean, zypper ref, version --dup - this installed some droid-t5 things back - and restarted.20:58
WikiwideThis put Fxtec Pro1 into boot loop - splashscreen, black, splashscreen, black. Then it just turned into black brick, not responding to anything - probably run out of battery.20:58
WikiwideBut at least, this morning the black brick showed blinking red light when I plugged it into laptop's USB port (nothing in lsusb, though). And then it showed charging-from-empty-red-battery animation when I plugged it into wall charger.21:00
WikiwideNow that it has charged up a bit, it shows continuously shining red LED light, but no battery-charging-animation anymore.21:02
WikiwidePlugging it out of charger doesn't change it.21:03
WikiwideOh, some pressing of power button made it show battery-red-animation. Plugging it into laptop's USB port makes it be stuck in bootloop of battery-red, battery-green, black, splashscreen.21:05
WikiwideStill nothing in lsusb.21:06
WikiwidePutting it back into wall charger had it still in the same boot loop as described above for a while, then it went into splashscreen-black bootloop.21:20
WikiwideNeither lsusb nor fastboot devices seem to detect the device right now.22:08
WikiwideOh, I got it! Bus 007 Device 005: ID 05c6:9008 Qualcomm, Inc. Gobi Wireless Modem (QDL mode)22:09
WikiwideHn. ./qfpkg_cli --flash base QX1000_user_20191028_base.qfp says Waiting for device22:13
malpiggz: ^22:16
WikiwideHm. ./qfpkg_cli --flash base QX1000_user_20191028_base.qfp went well (I just had to Volume-buttons-power tell it to be in QDL mode, again).22:17
WikiwideSplashscreen got reset to default (no problem, will just set it manually later, after Sailfish OS loads successfully).22:18
WikiwideNow it is in fastboot mode, and asking me whether to Start, Restart bootloader, go into Recovery mode, or Power off.22:19
WikiwideOr Boot to FFBM.22:19
WikiwideOr Boot to QMMI.22:19
WikiwideIf I choose start, I see splashscreen and get returned to fastboot menu.22:21
WikiwideSame if I choose Restart bootloader.22:21
WikiwideSame for anything else.22:22
WikiwideEven Power off.22:22
WikiwideAnd lsusb says Bus 007 Device 018: ID 18d1:d00d Google Inc. Android22:23
WikiwideAt least, fastboot devices sees it.22:27
WikiwideSooo, I did fastboot set_active a  , fastboot flash boot twrp-3.3.1-qx1000.img . Now lsusb says Bus 007 Device 020: ID 05c6:9091 Qualcomm, Inc. MSM8998-QRD _SN:AFBB11B522:35
WikiwideWell, I can return to QDL mode, yes.22:40
WikiwideYes, I can see TWRP, now.22:46
WikiwideHow much free space does a memory card need to be able to fit TWRP backup?22:55
WikiwideMy previous back-up, 2020-04-05--22-18-22 , seems to be 8.7GB. So 8GB memory card would not be enough, I guess.22:58
WikiwideIn short: Because I cannot find a memory card which would have sufficient space, I am using adb pull.23:11
WikiwideI have only 35GB free on my laptop. I most empathically do not know whether it will be enough.23:16
WikiwideOnly 22GB free, now.23:26
WikiwideOnly 15GB free, now.23:37
WikiwideAt least, Pictures are apparently pulled out (including Camera). But I delete qmf-mail back-up in hopes to free up space on laptop - mail servers should be fine, I hope.23:38
Wikiwideadb pull interrupted. Run out of space on laptop.23:57

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