Sunday, 2022-01-30

WikiwideMister_Magister, piggz: Google Drive link doesn't work!
WikiwideI do have Sailfish 3.2 somewhere on my laptop, but it would be more convenient to download 3.3 directly? If it is available...02:01
WikiwideAll photographs and Videos transferred to laptop. Cleaning up space by making sure there are no duplicates with the primary photo-video storage.04:59
WikiwideNotes backed up.05:13
*** kimmoli_ is now known as kimmoli07:11
Wikiwidepiggz: Please look into the script, apparently, *.7z doesn't get uploaded because script is looking for *.zip .
WikiwideSee /builds/sailfishos-porters-ci/t5-ci/sfe-t5- Info[08/06 11:51:14] : Finished. Uploading artifacts for successful job 00:02 Uploading artifacts... WARNING: sfe-*/*.zip: no matching files ERROR: No files to upload Cleaning up file based variables 00:01 Job succeeded07:22
WikiwidePerhaps, a catch-all sfe-*/*.*z* could work in the future?07:25
* Wikiwide is all confused with these travis builds - some of them fail because archive is apparently too large 08:20
piggzWikiwide: yes, the last thing i was working on with the image build was gettng the size down to under 1g13:40

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