Monday, 2022-01-31

Wikiwidepiggz[m]: Do you by any chance know where to find a Sailfish OS image for F(x)tec Pro1 which doesn't involve filesystem encryption? I currently have on my laptop, but I am hoping for a or something...00:57
Wikiwide1g sounds like a tiny mass measurement unit, for salt, sugar and the like, but I guess 1GB was meant in this file size context :-)00:58
gryWikiwide: can you install the old version and then upgrade from within itself?02:18
Wikiwidegry: Yes, can try. With trepidation, given how both of my soft brickings have been caused by software updates.02:30
gryWikiwide: at least will be no need to do a second backup, if the upgrade is the first thing you do02:31
piggz[m]Wikiwide: you dont have to enable encryption, but you do have to use LVM to get updates ... 3.4 is the version that adds LVM and cen be OTA updated to each version after tht08:07
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WikiwideWhat is LVM? Logical Volume Manager?22:28
* Wikiwide has to charge Fxtec Pro1 again - let's hope its battery doesn't die - seriously, how can 24 hours on splashscreen discharge it so? - and therefore cannot check - Did Sailfish OS <=3.3 have one catch-all partition, and does Sailfish OS >=3.4 have separate root-home-opt partitions?23:16
* Wikiwide idly muses about job named testing that produced zip named devel : 23:37
WikiwideThat seems to be the last job named testing (not devel) that didn't fail - that's why I went looking for its artifacts23:38
WikiwideDependency hell with the latest builds? repo problem: nothing provides 'gstreamer1.0-droid' needed by the to be installed patterns-sailfish-device-adaptation-t5-0.0.4+master.20211204185323.15.gb639829-1.15.1.jolla.armv7hl23:40
WikiwideHuh, sounds relevant to why my cameras didn't work after a brief tango with 4.3 repository:
WikiwideWas present in , doesn't exist in . Why?23:51
WikiwideGrrr, 500

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