Thursday, 2022-02-10

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abrFlohack: I don't think they've made it over to here yet. Anything I can ask them for you?08:02
ThaodanFlohack: I'd ask slava08:29
FlohackThaodan: Yeah agree Slava is the guy probably :) is he around here sometimes or better somewhere else?08:42
Flohackabr: Yes we suspect that the rilbinder plugin lacks support for FastDormancy like the old ril modem did. That could seriously affect battery life on some devices. So I wanted to ask if I missed smth while reading code08:43
x2sSo, my phone rebooted yesterday out of nowhere, again. I hope I can get the 10 III soon and use it...09:37
riniguspiggz: isn't it lovely that chum gui is in the sfos newsletter? an observation regarding it: out of 6 paragraphs of text, two largest ones are warnings. aka "jolla hates 3rd party repos" + "we may kill OBS on may 2022".09:57
rinigusgreat to see the work endorsed and having long-term impact! <-- irony09:59
piggz[m]rinigus: yeah, i did notice that this morning....10:07
piggz[m]flypig: lbt shame those warnings are in ... is it a real scenario that obs might still shut? or do we have enough traction yet?10:07
rinigusthey did warn us 'bout 1 year period. so, let's see how it will get resolved.10:11
flypigrinigus, piggz[m] I'm sorry about the warnings.10:11
piggz[m]the warnings have an "upper management" feeling about them10:12
piggz[m]like email disclaimers10:12
flypigPeople can take the words in the newsletter to be "Jolla gospel" so I try to be really careful with them, but it's a challenge to hit the right balance.10:13
rinigusflypig: I presume that it is from lawyers that are working almost 24x7 on qt update scenarios managed to find few minutes away from that enormous struggle and shoot few sentences here and there10:14
flypigConcerning the conflicts issue, that was something raised both internally and by community members.10:14
flypigFor the OBS issue, this is something I think you need to be thinking about.10:14
flypigThese are my personal comments.10:14
flypigAlso, regarding the conflicts, I was really pleased to see you added a requirement on maintainers. I think that's a really positive step.10:15
rinigusre conflicts: we were always applying "absence of conflicts", as far as I remember. it was just clearly spelled out later10:15
gmcAh hmm, i didn't see that newsletter, but on the "jolla hates 3rd party repos", what does that mean exactly?10:16
gmcI'd love to have my app in the jolla store but that's impossible10:16
piggz[m]the OBS-may-shotdown issue ... i think id rather know sooner rather than later, instead of having it always looming over us10:16
flypigJolla doesn't actually hate 3rd party apps. I guess I should make that clear!10:16
gmcflypig: :)10:16
flypigpiggz[m], rinigus, if you'd like to include something in the newsletter that we write together, to give a clearer picture, then I'd be happy to help..10:17
rinigusre OBS: there are many things to think about and I wouldn't think much before it happens. no point in planning it before. and agree with piggz, when we will be closer to that 1 year period, would be helpful to get longer term decision on OBS10:17
NicoClearly the OBS should also just be available as a service to deploy to harbour :310:17
NicoIt would be a real advantage over play and app store!10:18
rinigusas it would help, at least me, with making also decisions on commitment on my side10:18
piggz[m]id be pissed to loose obs ... on the one hand, here is pigzz great progress on the pinephonepro ... on the other, removing the infrstructure that builds it all10:19
flypigI get that.10:19
rinigusflypig: as for clear picture, not sure what can we add on our side. it is not us who will decide on whether to keep OBS.10:20
piggz[m]hopefully we've increased the case to keep it, ports and chum10:21
flypigI honestly don't know the situation with OBS, beyond what was posted in the forum.10:22
NicoSounds like you should ask around and bring us good news in the next newsletter? <310:23
flypigBut there it says May, which is not that far away. I guess you've already discussed options at length, but I'm afraid I didn't follow the discussion in detail.10:23
Nico(Or maybe it should be a community meeting topic, now that that date is getting closer)10:24
piggzNico: its like recycling community meeting topcis ... alternate between OSB and Qt upgrade :D10:24
rinigusflypig: understood. and thanks for looking into that details. as for discussions, no we haven't. again, there is much to do in terms of chum, app work, and ports for all the devs involved.10:24
Nicopiggz, well, we just had the Qt topic!10:25
piggzoh, how did that go?10:25
riniguspiggz: try to fuess10:25
NicoSomething something, it might happen some day, it would be nice to have, but no dates or commitements10:25
NicoSame procedure as every year, James!10:26
piggzi just had a PR for amazfish which fixes a bunch of warnings ... i thought it odd as I dont have them, so asked the user what he was using, and its from Alpine/PmOS, so, newer Qt10:27
piggznice to know its u sed elsewhere10:27
piggzand i guess Qt is chaning a bit from 5.6!10:27
NicoYeah, Qt5.15 is a bit different :310:27
piggzi  just have no idea if the syntax used will work10:27
flypigIf you raise OBS in a community meeting, I will do my best to get the question to the right people for an answer.10:28
flypigAnd rinigus, I do understand that you have a lot on, and I, for one, really appreciate all of your work.10:28
NicoMaybe someone should do the calculation. What is more expensive, maintaining OBS or losing rinigus or piggz :D10:29
riniguspiggz: just had a major issue with the maps qml plugin. on pinephone plamo they change devicePixelRatio to 2 or higher (user setting) in contrast of changing fontsize. as a result, all opengl gets blurry since it is drawing on smaller framebuffer which is scaled up later. so, currently rewriting the code to make it sharper. which has a good solution if you are on new qt - 5.8 :) . anyway, bit of a pain to support 5.6 and 5.1510:30
NicoI.e. OBS seems to be a great tool for the community and it seems to be a big building block people enjoy building on10:30
Nicorinigus, I dropped everything below 5.15 for my desktop apps already, because it makes some stuff a lot nicer10:32
rinigusNico: at least it is open source throughout10:39
abrFlohack: Seems to be a red herring - apparently the Jolla1 had a proprietary service to turn that on, and I guess it's not worked anywhere else. Did you have it activated on more devices?11:13
Flohackabr: Well it was in our old ofono fork, we could utilize the ril socket interface for that apparently (dunno if it ever worked still). But now, with bluebinder it seems we lost that feature. I will investigate what happens on an old device21:35
Flohackabr: I looked this up in old source code, basically rild would know a function RIL_REQUEST_SCREEN_STATE which is used to tell rild if the user has the screen on or off, and so to allow it to select eneergy saving. This wsa implemented in the old ofono and I have no reason to believe that this did not work as designed. I think we need a way to look into the binder plugin what commands actually are availabble there22:24
FlohackOk actually I found references to screen state in rilbinder plugin, but question is, is it used correctly from the outer layer(s). This I would like to ask to Slava, how we can test this22:35
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KetoI'm not an expert, but screen state does not sound like the right thing to make decisions on for the energy saving mode :)22:42
malwhat do you expect from android :D22:43

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