Friday, 2022-02-11

piggzrinigus: mal: funny ... got a PR for amazfish today, for a qml syntax introduced in 5.14!18:44
riniguspiggz: :)18:45
attahoh... i thought it was ViGe... which would have been great news indeed - now it was just some pmOS person18:46
Thaodanpiggz: can't call the functions manually in the signals?18:47
ThaodanI saw18:48
Thaodanthat's why I was asking18:49
attahsounds like the property itself is deprecated, not what it does (but i could of course be misunderstanding)18:50
piggzyeah, i think its just and old syntax using on<property>: {}18:51
piggzand theyre just deprecation warnings18:52
Thaodansounds harmless18:52
piggzobvs would be nice to clean up warnings for other users ... dont think i can do that just yet tho!18:54
riniguspiggz: to kill those warnings:
rinigushad the same issue in pure maps18:57
piggzrinigus: thx18:58
Thaodanrinigus piggz: I'd probably add a check if you build with Qt 6 and disable that line then.19:00
piggzThaodan: as a mainly sfos app ... im not sure i can start considering qt6 support :D19:00
piggzwhats src ompatibnility like between 5 and 619:01
Thaodanits good if its a recent qt version19:10
Thaodanbut even older you can support at the same time in c++19:10
piggzwondering if there would be a desire from devs to package Go for sfos ... would be a binary based pacakge so couldnt go on chum20:04
ThaodanWhy binary based?20:36
ThaodanYou can build go without with gcc go20:36
piggzThaodan: i guess ... because im lazy and they ship an arm binary that works!20:39
* attah should really learn some modern language20:39
Thaodanpiggz:You can import gcc-go from fedora20:40
attahApart from dayjob Erlang 24, C++11 is the most modern i used meaningfully... and both are old languages, just newer versions20:43
piggz[m]Thaodan: i needed go a few days ago to build adb to work from within sailfish .. it worked too : ... so is needed to build boringssl20:43
ThaodanWell just works sounds all nice until it doesn't. I think go is hard for embedded environments where disk space matters20:43
piggz[m]attah: id be more than happy doing >= c++11 at work20:43
piggz[m]im doing webby react stuff atm! :D20:44
attahOh, that bad?20:44
attahWell, my last position was C89 - i.e. as old as me20:44
Thaodaninteresting go in ssl20:44
attahadb nneds go?20:45
piggz[m]to build it yes20:45
piggz[m]actually, adb needs boringssl needs go20:45
ThaodanThis stench of bundling everything so backwards20:46
attahwow... i got fastboot building without any fancy crap, i just adb would be similar20:46
piggz[m]and the pinephone needs abd, because the modem and actually an internal android device connected via usb!!!!20:46
piggz[m]what a world we live in20:46
piggz[m]you flash the pinephone modem using fastboot, and shell into it using adb ... you can get a shell on the modem in your phone !20:47
attahI just thought it was some embedded linux... not at all related to android20:48
piggz[m]yeah, i did it today, flash the system parititon with fastboot, adb shell in, connected to a uart to send an AT command, and got logs with adb pull :D20:48
attahI have a similar modem on a usb dongle20:48
Thaodanis it the same in the pinephone pro?20:48
rinigusThaodan: re Qt6 check - warning comes from using older QML syntax. so, as long as we keep QML in older way, we have to disable it regardless of Qt version20:53
attahboringssl looks like c++?20:54
riniguspiggz: so, can you port SFOS to your pinephone modem?20:55
attahyo dawg! xD20:55
Thaodanrinigus: Just saying so it would fail when building against Qt6 since most of the deprecated things in Qt5 are removed in Qt6.20:58
ThaodanMost have to be so much cheaper to put a phone into a phone than adding just a modem.20:59
Thaodanpiggz[m]: Did you build this? All the references to extra stuff like apex.21:03
ThaodanThere's this that makes building all the android tools less painful:
piggz_Thaodan: yes, the patched cmake version21:14
piggz_and disabled everything except adb21:14
piggz_it went down to a single binary in the end which was super handy21:15
piggz_attah: go is used eg here

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