Saturday, 2022-02-12

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FlohackHi guys is Matti Lehtimäki around here sometimes?21:44
Thaodanmal ^22:05
FlohackThx ^^22:19
Flohackmal: Please take a look at my comment in - this somehow breaks some (or all?) of our device builds for Android 922:20
FlohackOh lol thx22:23
FlohackDid not see this22:23
malyeah, that's waiting for review22:26
malunfortunately it's weekend so people are not working :)22:26
Flohackmal: Here at Ubuntu Touch we never sleep :P22:44
FlohackAlright we just discussed that maybe its not the best idea to grab master at every build, so to have a bit more of safety. I see no tagging on this repo, is there a way to constrain ourselves to a stable branch/Tag?22:45
malFlohack: it's quite rare for it to be broken this long, just bad timing that I broke it friday evening22:51
malFlohack: there is no stable branch, each tag in the repo is supposed to work but on rare occations something get broken22:52
Flohackmal: mal: Ok got you we will be patient then :P23:02

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