Sunday, 2022-02-20

piggz_rinigus: any way for us to unblock due to dod download?16:11
riniguspiggz_: none as far as I know :( . have to call the masters16:11
piggz_yeah i suspect lbt is currently holidaying :)16:12
piggz_i tried delting the whole target and re-adding it, but it got stuck the same16:12
rinigusprobably he is. quite bitter when it is stuck like this16:14
riniguspiggz_: I have been working on mapbox qml plugin. it got new features in API (support for SVG), rendering selection (fbo or direct, not applicable for sfos due to old qt), support for plamo hidpi approach. currently working on switching over to maplibre (one pr needs to be merged by them).16:16
rinigusfor devs, not much should change and I think you could just use as before.16:17
piggz_oh, whats mapslibre16:17
rinigusmapbox gl native fork as mapbox stopped maintaining their lib16:17
rinigusbasically, you are expected to use same QML plugin, just rendering is done with maplibre. all styles and such should work as before16:18
riniguspiggz_: I will write up the changes when I get to release it. there are few helpful properties that allow you to specify icon sizes and object sizes better (easier for you).16:19
piggz_ok, ill test it with amazfish when its ready16:20
rinigustesting with pure maps right now. just amazfish packagers will need to know that such change was done on other platforms (if pure maps is not there). for SFOS I will take care of it :)16:22

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