Friday, 2022-02-25

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spidy2234how are you?13:15
poetasterfine. you?13:15
spidy2234could you help me on somethings13:16
spidy2234i'm building droid hal packages13:18
spidy2234when i excute rpm/dhd/helpers/ --droid-hal13:18
poetasterah, you should check at #sailfishos-porters ...13:19
poetasterah, they are here too (just checked who is online) I'm the wrong person.13:20
piggz[m]poetaster: yes15:57
poetasterpiggz[m], cool. Masochist moment.15:59
poetasterpiggz[m], and how are you!?16:00
piggz[m]just got back from a night out last night! ... literally just walked in!16:01
poetasterah! ok that's cool. tomorrow my GF and I, one week apart birthdays, are having the first 'practically post-pandemic party'16:02
poetasterWe'll use the kids as shields when the neighbours show up with pitchforks :)16:03
poetasterwhat'd you do?16:05
piggz[m]went to see a comedian (kathryn ryan) in a city Newcastle, which is on the other side of the country from us16:06
poetasterCool! I've been to Newcastle. Actually sailed in on an old East German fishing boat.16:07
poetasterFestival many  moons ago.16:07
poetasterAnd was she good!?16:07
poetasterI was the video mixer on: (stubnitz was the boat)16:09
piggz[m]yes, was good... head is still a bit fuzzy from the beers :D16:22
poetasterget well soon!16:22
poetasterwatching ryan on youtube. she's fun.16:26
poetastershe's funny. and a canuck.16:54
poetasterlibupnpp11, how to I Buildrequire that, or libnpupnp4 for that matter.16:55

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