Saturday, 2022-02-26

x2sand again the modem died without any visible representation in the UI10:34
x2sin earlier versions I did at least get a feedback10:34
x2sbut now I have to call someone every few hours to verify that my phone is still working10:35
x2sand I could reset the modem by going into airplane mode and back. Now I have to reboot every time10:36
x2sthis sucks hard.10:36
riniguspiggz: submitted a package to chum:testing - please review. it is a start for transition to maplibre, would have to check how it compiled for older SFOS versions12:30
henkhrm, storeman only says "network error". is there any problem ATM?19:54
piggzhenk: cert expired i think22:26
henkpiggz: thanks22:27
henk yeah, that one’s expired … just today22:28
henkI open storeman only once every few weeks and OF COURSE22:28
henkalso: how the fsck does this happen? it’s already letsencrypt, which is already made for automatic cert renewal … and I would have thought there is some kind of uuuuh more or less professional infrastructure behind so WTF is that cert not monitored??22:30
henkrhetoric question, I don’t really want to know … I’d probably want to shredder my device. ignorance is bliss.22:31
piggzhenk: well, all my own sites, i sill manually run certbot-auto periodically :D22:36
henkpiggz: I run dehydrated manually. when the alerts from my monitoring get too annoying or the number of remaining days of validity becomes 1 digit. letsencrypt also sends mails that certs are about to expire.22:39
henkI really don’t get it and find it concerning /-:22:40

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