Sunday, 2022-02-27

riniguspiggz: had to restart few builds at obs recently, they just get stuck. triggering the rebuild of the stuck arch/sfos combination "cures" the issue. (cc lbt )14:24
riniguspiggz: updated mapboxgl-qml plugin (released version 2.0.0 today) with maplibre as a backend is in chum:testing. I expect it to "just" work with amazfish, but would be good to check14:47
riniguson other platforms (plasma mobile), you may want to take advantage of API improvements for hidpi screens. that is suggested if you are adding some objects on the map (icons, circles). see release notes for info and api docs14:49
piggzrinigus: trying to install puremaps from chum, im getting nothing provides 'pyotherside-qml-plugin-python3-qt5 >= 1.5.118:56
riniguspiggz: strange. pkcon refresh? I am still on .12 SFOS version, but I hope it is irrelevant19:04
rinigusand have 1.5.9+git3-1.4.1.jolla of pyotherside on device. no idea regarding source19:05
piggzit might be moment19:05
riniguspiggz: but was amazfish working fine?19:06
piggzyeah, i had to re-enter my cbeta credentials19:06
piggzrinigus: not tested that yet .. i was just seeing if gps works on the PPP19:07
piggzseems not19:07
piggzsomething else to debug :D19:07
piggzmesswerk shows satelites, but no lock19:07
piggzrinigus: a submission for u20:24
piggzrinigus: amazfish broke :)20:27
piggz[I] unknown:0 - Using QSGMapboxGLTextureNode for map rendering. devicePixelRatio: 120:29
piggz[W] unknown:0 - [ INFO ]  "{unknown}[General]: GPU Identifier: Adreno (TM) 540"20:29
piggz[W] unknown:0 - [ ERROR ]  "{unknown}[Setup]: loading style failed: URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL: "20:29
riniguspiggz sorry to hear it. Could you add   urlDebug: true to Map object? Or specify which style did you use? If there is API key in debug, scramble it. Feel free to open an issue :)20:42
henkwow, a hotline I just called does not recognize the number I’m sending o_O20:48
henkI would not be surprised if their hotline is simply broken but TBH it would kinda surprise me20:48
henkehm, right …20:49
henkok, doesn’t work with an android either m(20:50
piggzrinigus: need to ping lbt in the morning for stuck dod20:55
riniguspiggz: maplibre doesn't set default style for a map - that was a source of the issue. I opened an issue at amazfish repo with the suggested fix21:06
piggzrinigus: not my bug, your api broke :P21:07
riniguspiggz: one way of looking at it. I'll think whether to add mapbox default in my code then21:12
piggzrinigus: fixed in amazfish21:17
henkdoes sailfish use pppd for the mobile data connection under the hood? can I get its settings and/or logs?21:35

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