Monday, 2022-02-28

x2sI know this is not a channel about politics. But could someone translate this for me?10:46
x2sJolla had deep connections into Russia and I guess that's history now.10:46
malx2s: there is some translation on forums for that12:13
x2sah, thanks. Didn't think about the forum12:26
henk seems to be it, for anyone else wondering12:37
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riniguspiggz: fixed in mapbox gl qml plugin as well18:29
riniguspiggz: should we release chum gui and regular chum specs to get latest work out?18:29
piggzrinigus: yes19:45
piggzrinigus: in the interests of embarassing myself
riniguspiggz: I can work on it either bit later tonight or tomorrow evening. want to finish one bit before19:46
riniguspiggz: I actually heard it tonight already - very good job!19:46
piggzrinigus: ha19:47
piggzim sure i ramble on incoherently :D19:47
rinigusand pity that the state of pinephone is relatively poor. as for "phone"19:47
riniguspiggz: no, you did very well!19:48
piggzrinigus: its a pain ... needs 1 or 2 more devs and testing ....19:48
piggzbut, reading the firmware matrix tonight, its not all ofonos fault ... seems to modem randomly dies19:49
piggzand then re-appears on another usb port19:49
piggzsounds like there are modem fw and kernel bugs19:49
piggzbut, atleast now i have the firmware dev trying to debug with our ofono19:50
riniguspiggz: isn't it wonderful? I hope that happens in the middle of the talk that you don't know how to interrupt politely19:50
piggzattah: ping21:20
attahpiggz: pong21:20
piggzattah: i just averted a disaster ... daughter asked for photos to be printed .. so, living the dream config, she sent them via whatsapp, i transferred from wayroid to saifish using kdeconnect, and print with seaprint ... got blank pages only, until manually selecting urf-rater as the transfer format ... not sure how you aut detect that but maybe a little off?21:22
attahpiggz: hmm, if the printer says that it supports jpeg natively, that has priority.. so guessing that happened21:24
attahis this the Canon you sent me  debug info from?21:25
piggzblooming printers! yeah, jpeg was same as auto ... yes, my canon21:25
piggzit just fires out a blank sheet without trying to print ... well, it initiates a print because it warned of low ink, but then just ejected the paper21:25
attahI guess the size wasn't over 12MB or 360 megapixels? :P21:26
attah(those are the limits it claims, and i ignore all limits because they are always quite high)21:27
attahI wonder if it is some new dialect of jpeg that messes things up...21:30
attahBecause apparently there are versions... sigh21:30
attahBut i guess the sensible thing to do is to just save urf-raster as part of the default settings21:31
piggzattah: if you have test jpegs, happy to test each21:31
attahNot currently... maybe i should make some21:32
attahAlthough i'm not too sure what do do with the results21:32
attahLike Postscript, printers don't say what version they want... it's just PDF that has that luxury21:33
attahNot that SeaPrint is able to care, but still21:34
attahpiggz: but this used to work, right?21:39
piggzattah: cant be sure, i dont often print!21:41
piggzattah: ah21:43
piggzattah: i printed a photo I took from my pro1, using jpeg works fine there21:44
attahoh, printers...21:44
piggzso, whatever she sent is weird ... i wonder if it was the whatsapp process21:44
attahWhat does "file" have to say about them?21:45
attahI'm off to bed.. nice to know i have at least one user (: ttyl and take care21:53
b100dian[m]Wdym? Printing happily doesnt count?:)21:54
piggzattah: file which works:21:56
piggz[defaultuser@Pro1 AdvancedCam]$ file IMG_20220227_203758.jpg21:56
piggzIMG_20220227_203758.jpg: JPEG image data, Exif standard: [TIFF image data, little-endian, direntries=8, xresolution=110, yresolution=118, manufacturer=F(x)tec, model=Pro1, orientation=lower-left, datetime=2022:02:27 20:37:58, GPS-Data], baseline, precision 8, 4000x3000, components 321:56
piggzfile which doesnt :21:56
piggzpiggz@adam-laptop ~ $ file IMG-20220228-WA0000.jpg21:56
piggzIMG-20220228-WA0000.jpg: JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.01, aspect ratio, density 1x1, segment length 16, progressive, precision 8, 1536x2048, components 321:56
piggznot sure what JFIF 1.01 is!21:56
piggzoh, jfif is _really_ old !22:06
piggzmust be the transfer process, no phone would make a file like this! :D22:07

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