Thursday, 2022-03-03

matteog[m]Hi everyone, I'm interested in knowing more about SFOS. I didn't find much info about app sandboxing in SFOS. Does anyone knows if and how is it achieved? I seam to have read it uses firejail? Does it use also a SeLinux / Apparmor policies?17:39
pepijndevos[m]Any recent news about Sony Xperia 10 III support?18:12
flypigHi matteog[m] and welcome :) Yes, it's using firejail. The following links have a bit more info about it.18:12
flypigThe Sailjail repo, the reame covesr some graound:
Nicopepijndevos: News since when?18:13
flypigmatteog[m], this blog post covers things from an app-developer perspective:
pepijndevos[m]since... this post I guess
NicoThere are instructions how to build the support yourself now as well as a few smaller updates18:13
NicoBut no downloads yet18:13
flypigpepijndevos[m], I wrote about the Xperia 10 III build instructions in the last newsletter, in case that's relevant:
pepijndevos[m]Ah I can survive a while longer with Android until there is a release.18:19
matteog[m]Thanks flypig: I'll read them out18:36
riniguspiggz: I guess we need to remember pinging lbt at working hours. regarding dod packages at obs21:15
Ketorinigus, piggz: lbt is on vacation this week, I'll take a look if I can kick those, I should now have access there21:34
Ketorinigus, piggz: the server was out of disk space, I got a bit more there, but not much. had to do a reboot, and it will take some time now to get it's state figured out22:41
Ketohmmm, the dods are still stuck...22:44
KetoI don't know what's wrong with those, but at least it is building some things now23:03

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