Friday, 2022-03-04

rinigusKeto: thanks for looking into it! As for dods, I hope you'll figure it out. With them repos are not published and packages cannot be distributed05:48
piggz[m]@keto: did we makeOBS so successful it ran out of space?08:25
piggz[m]rinigus: strange chum bug ... opening Games category (seems to be only that one) has major slow down08:26
Keto@piggz: well chum does take a big chunk of the used disk space, but there is also a lot old stuff there that should be cleaned up08:52
riniguspiggz: can't reproduce that Games category bug over here16:28
piggzrinigus: i had a couple of slow downs ... ill keep an eye on it16:31
poetasterpiggz: I probably optimized all the game pngs in machinesVSmachines and have HUGE screenshots to make up for it.16:58
poetasterpiggz: games category showed up as you'd expect. monich added meta!18:03
poetasterAnd I have an error.18:03
piggzpoetaster: is your volla on testing .15 ?18:17
poetasterit is on .15...18:20
poetaster - adaptation-community        ...
poetaster - adaptation-community-common ...
piggzpoetaster: thats a bodge of devel repos ... fancy siwthcing to proper testing repo?18:40
poetastersure. what's the ssu magic.18:40
piggzedit repos to:18:41
piggzadaptation-common ...
piggzadaptation-community ...
piggzadaptation-community-common ...
piggzbut replace the version with the tag $(release) or whatever it is18:42
poetastersomehow I feel like I'm being sold a used honda ....18:42
poetasterpiggz: where. I always forget where the files are and it's not in ssu18:47
poetaster/etc/zypp/repos.d ?18:47
piggzpoetaster: /usr/share/ssu/features.d18:49
poetasterthat is an abomination. I'm opintionated about config. thanks!18:54
poetasteror can I do this with ssu ur18:56
poetasternever mind.18:57
poetasteradaptation-communinty is currently:
poetasterso no $(release) but %(arch).19:01
poetasteradaptation-community =
poetasterand the config for apaptation common is elsewhere.19:07
poetasterok. consistantly testing. refresh ....19:11
poetasterok. zypper ref and up says nothing to do.19:13
poetasterpiggz: should someting have taken place :) no news, is good news.19:13
piggzid expect zypper ref/dup to chance some pacakges?19:14
poetasterpiggz: I'd neglect dup. just did up19:30
poetasterhere we go19:30
piggzno, stop19:32
poetasterthought so.19:32
piggzshow zypper ls19:32
poetasterI had only changed adaptation-community-common =
piggzpoetaster: as i thought, you got url for adadtation-community wrong, see how it says plaindir ... it says that when the url doesnt exist19:34
poetasterok. so I hard code it or trial and error with variable subsitution.19:35
poetasterwhat is wrong with: =
poetasterbesides the obvious redundancy of %(arch)/%(arch)?19:37
piggzpoetaster: im not sure that last arch should be there19:40
piggzmaybe thats the other users problem!19:41
poetasterthat would align with my sense of propriety where redundancies are concerned.19:41
poetasterI believe that is the other users problem :) damn it. janet!19:41
poetasterbloody openrepos!19:42
piggzpoetaster: yeah, some policy configs get removed, maybe thats what happened19:42
poetasterok. but it seems just one change ( one one file with devel) ...19:43
piggzso, if you try a dup with the proper url, you can tell me if things work ok19:43
poetasterzypper ls finds it (removing the extra /pathelement/)19:43
poetasterpiggz: now I'm really scared :)
piggzthats fine :)19:44
piggzjust build versions chaning19:45
piggznot really downgrades19:45
poetasteryo. I shall go ahead, reboot and try doing screen captures :)19:45
poetasterthankfully I resort to a soldering iron or a drum kit to relax, so all will be well.19:46
piggzpoetaster: you are good with hardware?19:46
poetasterpiggz: I do build my own19:46
poetasterah. don't blow up your amiga. I have to fix the psu on my mac classic (it was fine till just a couple of years ago).19:48
piggzim very sad my amiga isnt working19:48
poetasterI understand. I'm very sad my classic isn't working. All those diskets need a workout.19:49
poetasterthat's my analog self sequencing monstrosity of a mini-modular synth19:50
poetasterit has a very primitive digital companion:
poetasteroh. 'Probably more likely is a short on the motherboard itself.' caused an involuntary shudder.19:54
poetasterreboot fine.19:54
piggzi need to know if the 1200 is a 2 layer or more board19:55
piggzmore = bad19:56
piggz2, i can see visually!19:56
poetastervery likely 2 layer19:56
poetasterwas it still 80s or 90s?19:56
poetasterI also still have my vic 20 and c64(s)19:57
poetasterI also learned to program assembly on 68000s19:57
piggz4 ayers it seems19:59
poetasterI'm just looking on (which is nice) and can't quite tell from the vias20:00
poetaster    Settings20:00
poetaster    Help20:00
poetaster    Imprint20:00
poetaster    Settings20:00
poetaster    Help20:00
poetaster    Imprint20:00
poetasterno, 2 layers20:01
poetastersorry, x buffer20:01
poetasterah, could be 4 layer20:02
poetasterbut if it's a psu thing, that should be near the edges and well away from the heavy IC stuff20:03
poetasterpiggz: clicking through pins only ever shows top and bottom.20:04
piggzpoetaster: forums say 4, and re-amiga 1200 pcb re-creation talks about 420:08
poetasterpiggz: it may well be. the pcb explorer allows you to blend everything but power out20:24
poetasterpiggz: looking at the power to the IC 8520 looks like 4 layer, too.20:25
poetasterpiggz: but 99% of the action is on 2 layers.20:26
poetasterpiggz: but I only have 1D.1 (beta) on the explorer. the inner layers are all limited to upper left....20:31
poetasterpiggz: U15 , c303 ...20:31
poetasterpiggz: if the issue is at U15 and caps 303/304 those are on top and bottom layer. Are they through hole ?20:33
piggzpoetaster: no, surface20:42
poetasterpiggz: the pads do give it away :)20:43
poetasterbut if Rev 1D.1 (beta) is not far off, your on top and bottom with clear sailing.20:43
poetasterif is to be trusted. but it's quite good.20:44
piggzyeah, im using that20:44
poetasterso, do you have a very powerful magnifying lens ?20:45
piggznot really ... sort of, but not great20:46
poetasterok. get one. but I also have poor eyesight :) I'm hoping you 'see' something first. otherwise, it's a lot of multimeter gymnastics.20:48
poetasterthe volla is fine. still can't take snaps :-(20:48
piggzi see on ebay, a re-amiga pcb is only £40 ... a lot of soldering, but might be fun!20:49
piggzeven cheaper from poland20:51
poetasterfor sure. I'm not a fan of smd stuff. I'm 'good' (tm) at soldering, but I hate pick and place with tweezers.20:51
poetastergo for it if you have the requisite pizza oven for the solder job :)20:52
poetasterRecently had to intervene (friggin company shipped in a wise to result in an smd cap coming off) ...20:53
poetasterthat's how much I hate smd reworking. Some of my 'real' engineer friends just shudder. But herb ( said, well, at least it's in the shape of a heart.20:54
poetasterworks great. if you're into techno.20:55
poetasterOk. I'm in verbose mode so I'm going to go away now!20:55

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