Saturday, 2022-03-05

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Mister_Magisteris sailfishos ide (qtcreator plugin) opensauce?14:29
mal is it this?14:36
Mister_Magisterthink so thanks14:58
zotanHow do you install dependancies into a SB2 environment?16:37
Thaodanzotan: You shouldn't all should be installed by the packages buildrequires17:03
zotanSo my spec file is wrong?17:04
zotanI have them listed as BuildRequires, but calling rpmbuild complains.17:05
zotanThaodan: Is there a guide somewhere to building packages with the pdk?17:06
Thaodanyes the sailfish os wiki is a good guide17:06
Thaodanwhat does rpmbuild complain?17:07
zotan[SB2 sdk-build SailfishOS-latest-aarch64] smb@maktub ~ $ rpmbuild -bb ~/Projects/unison/ocaml/ocaml.spec17:07
zotanerror: Failed build dependencies:17:07
Thaodandon't paste into irc use a paste service or post a link to the log17:08
zotanThaodan: I realised that I can install the depededencies with "sb2 -t SailfishOS-latest-aarch64 -m sdk-install ..."17:13
zotanBut it would be good to know how to do this properly.17:13
Thaodanzotan: You should use mb217:15
zotanThaodan: What is the difference?17:16
Thaodanmb2 pulls in depedencies, cleans up targets after builds etc.17:16
ThaodanYou can also use sfdk instead of mb2 if you don't mind using docker or virtualbox17:17
zotanThaodan: I'll have look, thanks!17:19
attahpiggz: So i printed my first fixed jpeg file a while ago... and it had nothing to do with the crap one reads on the internet18:29
attah(Exif being mostly a header thing)18:29
attahA JFIF-only file printed just fine, as long as the actual encoding is "baseline"18:30
FlohackHi guys, if I would have questions about sensorfw, who would be the right guy(s) ?19:47
Thaodanmal maybe20:08
FlohackOkies thx20:11
attahpiggz: Now you have something to try, "baselinify" from
malFlohack: what kind of question do you have?20:20
Flohackmal: Hi there, thx. So on Ubuntu Touch we now start using sensorfw, and we have a glitch sometimes with the ambient light sensor, it basically returns 0 or a rather insane high value when read shortly after enabling it20:23
FlohackLike if you wakeup the device, its just hit or miss if the value is ok. After that, it works very reliably20:24
FlohackSO I want to see where this comes form, it might be device-specific only. Can I get debug to show me the values that are being read from sensor HAL?20:24
FlohackAn example would be
FlohackAlready we had to put a patch inside to read a new value immediately after turning on screen, since it seems that just enabling sensors would not deliver a callback immediately (only on change of value? no idea)20:26
malif you want to build sensorfw manually for testing you could patch the adapter code for als20:37
FlohackYeah could be done maybe. Just wanted to know if there is any debug facility that spits out stuff ^^20:38
mallooks like processEvents in hybrisadaptor.cpp doesn't have anything to print raw data20:40
Flohackokies thx!20:40
malin a way it might have made sense to have some trace printing in adapters but it seems it was never added20:40
FlohackYeah I just want to know if that mess comes from Android side (which is very likely)20:41
malyeah, debug printing to that hybrisalsadaptor.cpp should tell that20:42
malFlohack: let me know what you find out21:25
piggzpoetaster: rinigus: i wonder if storeman could be developped here ?23:12
Flohackmal: I will!23:21

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