Sunday, 2022-03-06

spiiroinFlohack, mal that "extremely low or high values after sensor enable" sounds like initial sensitivity / measurement range issue05:01
spiiroinwhich would be sensor driver / kernel issue05:04
riniguspiggz yes, that would be good org for it. Unless they made dedicated org for storeman06:30
poetasterpiggz, rinigus @olf opened up a group and
poetasterpiggz[m], rinigus @olf, @mentaljam and myself are in. I believe @nephros and one or the other will join14:07
riniguspoetaster: looks good!14:07
poetasterpiggz[m], I need to do a bunch more reading. olf talked me into it.14:08
poetasterrinigus, @pherjung is in to.14:11
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attahpiggz[m]: added the jpeg-reecnoding to SeaPrint... it is 2/2 for me, but would be nice with a independent confirmation when you have some time16:23
piggz[m]back from a 4hour bike ride ...catching up on notifications :D17:17
poetasterseaprint is like an ipp trojan horse upending the established order of things. jeez.18:26
attahpoetaster: what did i do now?18:26
poetasterjpeg reencoding :) I only got snippets of the dialog but it sound like yet another end-run around 'stuff' (ie. the status quo)18:28
poetasterattah: I'm going to have to read your code, but olf talked me into helping with storeman, so I'm snowed in.18:28
attahIt is with established libs tho... but still, the faff just doesn't end18:30
attahBut at least C++ can help stave off soem if the C-based insanity18:31
poetasterattah, I think there is faff that measures up. faff that's of a higher order of faff.18:31
attahyou mean like this?
attahJpeg to and from memory was added after old libjpeg went off the rails, and is opt-in in libjpeg-turbo... and of course Sailfish doesn't opt in... (:18:33
poetasteryou know something is wrong with a prgramming language when you wind up with names like :j_decompress_ptr18:33
attahhow do you do it? you must have made or been involved in a dozen apps now18:34
poetasterWell, I'm in over my head. not getting any excercise.18:34
poetasterAnd I have a very long to-do list.18:35
poetasterattah, when secretly I just want to do SDL2 foo (and godot foo) with sashikknox to increase the number of silly games on our platform18:36
attahPlease do it sustainably18:37
attahThat's a noble cause18:37
poetasterattah, I have spent HOURS on the phone with @olf. as you might guess, that's ALL about sustainability.18:37
poetasterattah, at not at all about fun.18:37
poetasterattah, the storeman intiative is now a group with mentaljam having moved the repos and we're 3 so far with a prospective 5 members18:38
attahIs the chum gui to be handled there too?18:39
attahAnd regardless, that's quite the staffing18:40
poetasterattah, nope piggz and rinigus have a very good start where it is.18:40
poetasterattah, @nephros and @pherjung likely along for the ride.18:41
poetasterattah, frankly, it's now 2 cans of worms since openrepos and chum solve differen problems.18:41
attahBut the guis should need similar components, no?18:42
poetasterabsolutely, and both have similar problems with ssu out the gate (both solve the problem incorrectly)18:43
poetasterbut I'm in over my head as it is :)18:43
poetastertuxracer is broken and it breaks my heart.18:44
poetasterattah, is there really a category known as 'sustainable games development'. I think that's a contradiction.18:45
rinigusattah: components were very similar, but diverged somewhat. chum is using just rpm repo data and doesn't have openrepos api backend. however, chum has support for github and gitlab as a part of user feedback and release info18:50
riniguspoetaster: what is solved wrong with ssu?18:51
attahRight, and you all know where to find eachother, so that will sort itself18:59
poetasterrinigus, I was referring to what I believe to be the extraneous 'installer'.19:00
poetasterrinigus, but I don't yet know what I'm talking about.19:00
poetasterrinigus, @olf hinted at a possible solution to the locking issue with19:01
poetasterrinigus, if I understand correctly, the reason we have two installs is because of the lock of the rpm db.19:03
poetasterrinigus, and it seems that chum and storeman have the 'same' issue19:04
poetasterand now I have to go play drums for a bit19:04
poetaster(bts_source_mgr srcmgr(InBts); )19:05
poetasterah, just thinking out loud19:06
attahor noting my 3 naming conventions in one line? (:19:06
attahi think i prefer CamelCaps in C-ish... but crusty c looking like my native Erlang gets me all tripped up19:07
poetasterI can definitely run(FileToLoad) ->19:08
poetasterI'm not 100pro consistent in Erlang, but I do try to use something CamelCase like everywhere.19:10
attahIt helps that is is case sensitive... or i would have been all over the place19:11
poetastersometimes I ponder stuff like     Q_INVOKABLE QString getWhites(); (for instance) and think .... broken design :)19:14
attah...and broken language19:15
poetasterbut I'm SOO out of practice with c++ that I decided to quit my day job :) well, it'll take a while to 'actually' quit, but I did say, 'people, my days are numbered'19:15
poetasterbroken. nah. just hobbled.19:16
poetaster(duct tape. bubble gum. binder twine)19:18
poetaster... goes drumming ...19:18

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