Monday, 2022-03-07

poetasterrinigus, I'm replicating the obs infra that @mentaljam had in place. it occured to me that he probably updated the build branch, and eliminated build targets with each new SFOS release he targeted. Hence keeping old builds. Does that sould about right?16:29
poetasterrinigus, I've asked @mentaljam to clarify, but his current setup suggests as much.16:30
riniguspoetaster: yeah, could be. it is used for ports but not very stable solution if you need to regenerate the older SFOS version builds. maybe it makes sense to start building Storeman on Chum repos and get support for all SFOS versions at the same time? Or does it hit some issues in the code with older versions?16:34
poetasterrinigus: I think it might also be that he simply had maintained different packages. uhg.16:36
poetasterrinigus: I'm just going to replicate what he's built, check with olf, test and then we can see if you want it in chum :)16:39
poetasterrinigus, the downside is it's done without releases, but that shouldn't be a problem.16:42
riniguspoetaster: as long as it has open source license and reproducible build, it should be fine :)16:46
poetasteryo. It's all MIT but some of the paperwork is missing. @olf is on it. And I'm doing my best to pass my confusions on to him :)16:47
poetasterrinigus, in any case, @olf was correct. it's a simple spatial separation. I don't like it, but it will work.16:47
poetasterrinigus, olf has maintainer rights on
poetasterrinigus, just to let you know.18:01

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