Thursday, 2022-03-10

raspNico: so if i built sailfish for my device, following the HADK, it wouldnt have the android support?15:46
raspWait, sailfish costs money?! I did not realiƶe this15:59
_piggzrasp: SailfishX costs money ... Sailfish packages can be downloaded for free, that may ormay not be usefuldepending if you have a device that can run them16:18
raspYeah, i don't... i was gonna try port to my device, but if i wouldnt get the androidapp support, i dont see the point16:19
raspUnless waydroid works really well16:19
_piggzwell, waydroid works well enough for me16:21
rinigusrasp: android apps work really well on android. on sfos, sailfish apps tend to work well18:31
raspWhich is fine, but not all things will have an sfos equiv18:31
rinigusif you need plenty of android apps then there is no reason for switching to sfos18:31
raspYeah, i think i'll just see if i can get any distro to work with waydroid and see what that's like18:32

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