Friday, 2022-03-11

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nephros-nc-bridge[nctalk] <nephros> rasp: which device would your prospective port be for?16:11
raspnephros-nc-bridge: avicii16:36
raspOneplus Nord16:36
_piggzrinigus: poetaster: just wanting to check with you when accepting these storeman submissions, will I need to go and edit build targets?18:44
riniguspiggz: I think so. or make olf maintainer and he will do it.18:44
rinigusbut when it will move from :chum:testing to :chum, you would have to edit the targets18:45
_piggzrinigus: also worth remembering is that if a version is built .. even if you disable it, it remains in the repo!18:47
riniguspiggz: that would be then storeman problem as I presume all these versions will create harbour-storeman package.18:52
_piggzpoetaster: as you are chief vhum submitter ...would you like to package something calle neofetch?19:51
Crabster2x 3.4 and 1x phones, when connecting to lan wifi, all phones tries to resolve WPAD proxy info on my firewall, WPAD is the Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol20:11
Crabsteran older N9 does not, and none of the global sfos proxy settings are enabled. is it suposed to be like this, any idea?20:11
_piggzrinigus: poetaster: was the verdict to reject the -testing version?20:16
attahfredldotme: oh, hello there20:21
Flohackfredldotme: Haha why now :P20:25
fredldotmeOh, people recognize me? :P20:25
attahi'm still waiting for that initial UT port of SeaPrint20:27 i can steal your work and make a desktop port (only half kidding)20:27
fredldotmeHaha yeah, sorry, I'm pretty busy all around with porting and fixing broken stuff rather than something new :)20:31
attahand honestly no big deal... i'm just an impatient millennial20:32
fredldotmedon't quote me as having said that haha20:35
attahnono, that's just me being self-aware20:35
attahMeanwhile i have done some cleaning and fixed printing of jpegs that are not straight from a camera20:37
attahThat was a rabbit-hole and a half (:20:38
riniguspiggz: yes, I think it should be rejected. we don't have -testing in Chum and it will never be resolved to that with the current ssu config21:06
FlohackGuys do you have VLC on SFOS?21:43
attahI don't believe so21:45
FlohackWould you be interested in joining forces here with UT21:46
attahSounds like a good idea... but personally i'm not sure i'd be of much help21:49
poetasterFlohack, ditto, something I might make time for.21:49
attahSounds like you know something about what it would take to do it?21:51
Flohackattah: Well out of curiosity: We found an old post from Canonical announcing that VLC would come for UT in 2015 or so. Well it didnt. :P - I just hit their irc group now and I start to find out whats our options21:52
FlohackProposing that UT collaborates on that with videolan to bring that forward. Apparently there will be enough work for us at least. It could be easier for SFOS21:53
poetasterattah, a number of people have done libavc, ffmpeg and assorted stuff on sfos. I'm working on videoworks, so a bunch of the lower level stuff is of interest to me21:53
Flohackpoetaster: Excellent. If we could find a common low-level stack then we can just attach the various APP requirements on top21:54
poetasterFlohack, I need to catch up on the current state of affairs. But it's something I'm working on. also stuff like dlna/upnp streaming a/v21:55
Flohackpoetaster Very cool. take your time, and fredldotme knows much more about this than I do. But I think it would be a good opprtunity, people asked a lot about this app ^21:56
poetasterFlohack, ok, good to know who's in the know. most of the libraries required have been ported/are currently available for SFOS22:00
Flohackpoetaster then they are probably also fine with UT. Thanks for the chat, need to go to bed .P22:00
poetastergood night!22:00
poetasterFlohack, I'm starting here for a mobile build stack

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