Sunday, 2022-03-13

riniguspiggz: defender is now in chum proper. :)10:46
riniguswith the version tagged10:47
poetasterpiggz, reflashed. video is still borked and mtp is also broken (will launch into mode, but breaks of on first file transfer)13:02
poetasterI take it back. video is broken but mtp does work at least with smaller numbers of files selected.13:19
nephros-nc-bridge[nctalk] <nephros> Damn, Kodi is a monster to build. 4hrs and a linking failure at the end...14:27
poetastermal:  OpenLara the Tomb Raider engine?14:30
poetasternephros-nc-bridge, I have a number of kodi releated projects on the list, but have been studiously avoiding them.14:31
malpoetaster: yes14:33
poetastermal, is your port public?14:36
nephros-nc-bridge[nctalk] <nephros> poetaster: well the base kodi is ready Real Soon Now at
nephros-nc-bridge[nctalk] <nephros>14:38
nephros-nc-bridge[nctalk] <nephros> Though I'm actually not sure what it will be useful for.14:38
poetasternephros-nc-bridge, well, I have to admit, I gave up on running home media centers ;)14:40
poetasterexcept dlna. samba mounts, tv is a pc, nuff said.14:41
malpoetaster: not yet, I need add keepalive support and sandboxing configuration15:03
poetastermal, cool. i'm also still catching up on sandboxing/data migration.15:04
malalso I need to move the game data folder so make it easier to copy the needed files15:05
mal*to make15:06
malpoetaster: unfortunately that port requires sailfish 4.4 which is not yet released15:12
malonly package it needs from the next release is newer sdl15:13
poetastermal, ah there's enough to do. I'm also looking at godot and löve stuff. just curiousity.15:16
poetasterfirts to fix the storeman installer!15:16
malgodot would be nice15:22
poetastermal, it was a go on 3.4. well all sashikknox's godot and löve stuff worked. I just didn't have time15:40
poetastermal, was just looking at it today again, but have hardware and other stuff...15:40
poetasterto do.15:41
poetastermal, I was wondering how to package (nephros asked) game data in separate rpms.15:42
poetastermal, well, root I guess just copies to /usr/share/target/data, regardless.15:43
poetasterpiggz[m], just checked. I haven't shot video on the device for months. The video I shot in Feb. was on 3.4.15:57
poetasterpiggz[m], so the video recording issue might have been from
piggzpoetaster: ok, good to know16:12

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