Monday, 2022-03-14

piggzrinigus: fixed all the omissions i made forgetting to submit from testing to chum!20:10
riniguspiggz: nice! I tend to make SR as soon as I accept to :testing. otherwise it is too easy to forget :)20:12
poetasterpiggz[m], rinigus I'd just been discussing:
attahpoetaster: To answer your question... i don't know because i don't understand21:06
poetasterattah, well, the base Silica classes implement a bunch of color transforms of content to 'Theme' things21:07
poetasterattah, and the Text/Label types are first order contenders for transforms.21:08
poetasterattah, I don't pretend to understand, but at a certain upper level, Silica includes methods that are sRGB transforms21:10
poetastersec ... RTFMing21:10
attahAnd they could very well be to blame... just perhaps not for *active* sabotage21:11
poetasteroh, not it's not sabotage. it's DESIGN. My comment makes clear that I disaprove of dumping html into Label21:12
poetasteror Text21:12
poetasterI'm rebuilding the HTML parser in tidings to do away with this. non-trivial. but necessary21:12
poetasteror maybe my comment wasn't clear!?21:13
attahNo complaints from my end, all failures to understand completely are my own21:13
poetasterSilicaItem has some methods like: color rgba(color, opacity)21:14
poetasterattah, If there is one thing I have learned in the last year it is that I have to work on my communication skills!21:14
poetasterI'm verbose, I digress, I try to joke about .... oh. just did it again :)21:15
attahoof, me too21:15
attahAnd i too think it is iffy to dump html into "random" QML components, but not so much because the feature is bad... but because the Qt version is ancient21:15
poetasterpiggz, rinigus on my neverending quest to rescue all things I just went after
attahso primarily "wild" html21:16
poetasterattah, well, in tidings that results in a very odd 'RescalingRichText' item doing odd things that are going to break21:17
poetasterpiggz[m], rinigus the question is, if I can't test it (builds fine, but I don't do spotify) I shouldn't push it to chum should I?21:18
piggzpoetaster: chum isnt a dumping ground :D21:18
poetasterattah, all HTML is wild html :) The only REAL HTML is xml + xsd + xslt :)21:18
piggzcould you get a user to test?21:18
poetasterpiggz, yes21:18
attahpoetaster: if no other spotifiers shake out, remind me to test tomorrow21:19
poetasterattah, thanks! will do21:19
attahthat's the least i can do... good effort!21:20
poetasterpiggz, I just implemented the changes from a user who isn't so git versed but followed the forum thread and got it nailed (openssl 1.0 - 1.1.1 api changes)21:20
poetasterattah, it's all work! thanks!21:20
poetasterpiggz, one reason I'm a bit wary is that in the same thread, I pointed out the changes and that I would be a bit uneasy 'owning' them. It's crypto, after all.21:21
attahi'm off to bed... g'night!21:21
poetastersleep well!21:21
piggzpoetaster: atleast youre not rolling your own crypto21:22
poetasterpiggz, one time pads based on ancient greek poetry kill. I just can't find anyone that can memorize ancient greek.21:22
poetasterpiggz, hell, I can't memorize ancient greek. but come to think of it, there is Valentine von der Linden!21:23
poetasterpiggz, He's the guy I know who pixel edited 3 sizes of 10K chinese ideograms for a chinese typesetting system.21:24
poetasterpiggz, made a fortune to get out of academia and study non-euclidean geometry for fun.21:25
poetaster(work on communication skills. hmmm. irc. sparse. hmmmm. concise. hmmm)21:25
poetasterpiggz: hmmm. I'll try contacting him again.21:28
piggzthey look old, i wonder if hes not arround now21:29
poetasterI have some ticket's for him from Oct. last year. I think not. BUT the repos on github have other participants so I'm doing a PR first.21:30
poetastersadly, the first person to answer last time was a Ukrainian. frig.21:31
poetasterI'd say he's rather busy.21:31
poetasterpiggz, PR done. I'll do a personal obs build but wait a bit till I bother you.21:33

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