Friday, 2022-03-18

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thilo[m]Does anyone know an easy way to install a development build of qtmozembed? Doesnt look like its doable via pkcon. Do i need to build it myself? I just want to see this [message](
poetasterthilo[m], websockets debugging?16:36
NicoYou need to build it yourself, yes16:36
thilo[m]debugging of webview. I am trying to send messages over to the qt side, but only see tons of unable to parse json messages16:38
poetasterthilo[m], you mean over to QML or c?16:38
poetasterthilo[m], I'm working on adding a method to permit QML to handle links in the html that I don't watn16:40
poetasteroops, want handled 'in' the webview.16:40
thilo[m]its about hydrogen. Its a webapp that i bundle with qml. Currently i want to wire up logging so its sent from the hydrogen logging framework to qt, afterwards same for notifications16:41
thilo[m]however sending stuff to qt doesnt work, thats why i was looking into this16:42
poetasterthilo[m], ah, got you. We're both presumably using the same 'how-to' from flypig.16:42
poetasterthilo[m], presumably you are having difficulties mapping the messages from hydrogen logger back to the onRecvAsyncMessage16:48
poetasterthilo[m], ok, where's your code?16:48
poetasterthilo[m], what I'm doing is 'primitive' and just works.16:48
poetasterthilo[m], hydrogen is a matrix client, correct?16:49
poetasterthilo[m], (wading through typescript).16:58
thilo[m]here is the sending part:
thilo[m]qml part:
poetasterthilo[m], you're missing the glue from the hydrogen logger to fire message.17:05
poetasteror I haven't found it yet :)17:06
poetasterline 47 send(item.error)17:06
thilo[m]as far as i saw _persist item is the basic logging method17:12
thilo[m]but I also tried it without the logger17:12
poetaster I wasn't sure about this {detail: {log: JSON.stringify(item)}});17:12
thilo[m]I also tried that at various places:```... (full message at
thilo[m] * I also tried that at various places:... (full message at
poetasterthilo[m], Ok, I'll have a look later. I still have to finish up some 'work, work'.17:14
poetasterthilo[m], are you testing on 4.3 or 4.4?17:14
thilo[m]yeah i am also a bit distracted17:15
poetasterthilo[m], ah, I"m on
thilo[m]I also wanted to go the way from a minimal working example up to my usecase now17:15
thilo[m]maybe i figure something out that way17:15
thilo[m]i was just confused because of the malformed json and wanted to know what that is17:15
poetasterthilo[m], that's what I did. But flypig had pointed it out ... I'll try to push the code later today.17:16
poetasterthilo[m], but I have a number of security related live system things to do so it could take a couple of days.17:16
poetasterand then you'll be finished :)17:16

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