Saturday, 2022-03-19

piggzrinigus: 4 open submissions ... dowe need to discuss?16:16
riniguspiggz: I opened two issues regarding those submissions, see comments in OBS.16:17
riniguswaiting for reply from olf16:17
rinigusso, should be under control :)16:18
piggzok :)16:22
piggzim currently stepping through a BT packet capture to get my new watch to work16:23
riniguspiggz: exciting :)16:28
rinigusI'm kind of split on whether to upload to openrepos new maplibre-based mapbox qml plugin and new pure maps release or limit it to chum and official store16:29
piggzrinigus: go all in on chum ;)16:41
piggzthats what im doing16:41
piggzits just easier16:41
rinigusthat what I have done so far and submitted to the official one. way easier, indeed16:41
nephros-nc-bridge[nctalk] <nephros> Is it safe to use sailjail-permissions package from e.g. 4.4 on an older release?19:23
nephros-nc-bridge[nctalk] <nephros> e.g. because 4.2 does not have the Secrets permission.19:29
nephros-nc-bridge[nctalk] <nephros> Meh, apparently not safe. At least Browser does not start with newer versions.20:32

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