Sunday, 2022-03-20

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IngvixI don't seem to be able to remove repositories with pkcon repo-remove. 'RepoSetData not supported by backend' it says13:59
Ingvixcan I do it by some other means?14:00
IngvixI don't really know where the repos are stored14:01
Ingvixah, ssu did the job14:26
Ingvixsystem upgrade failed somehow and I got no gui. SSH works but all the repos say 'Fatal error: Medium not attached'14:53
Ingvixcan I somehow reattach them?14:53
Ingvixany idea where to get some sfx image version between 3.4 and 4.1 for xperia x?18:45
IngvixI had to factory reset it back to sfos2 and upgrade for doesn't seem to be available anymore so I can't do that18:47
Ingvixand I do not want the latest image either18:47
attahThere is nothing wrong with the latest image... and old OTA updates are definitely available18:50
Ingvixah, yeah, it's  just this thing that's causing trouble: Error: File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium '
Ingvixah, it has nothing to do with the system stuff18:55
Ingvixit's the storeman repo...18:55
IngvixI just remove it for now then18:55
piggzrinigus: there is a waydroid update out which fixed the spammy "vndservicemanager crashed"19:28
Ingvixis currently down or something19:58
piggzseems up to me19:59
piggzmal: FP2 bug for you
riniguspiggz haven't used waydroid much, so never noticed that message :)20:53

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