Monday, 2022-03-21

attahI'm getting increasingly convinced nobody actually uses SeaPrint... the silly bugs it has just never ends (and i'm the one finding them)18:24
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kamrois there some way to disable sailjail for all apps without adding Sandboxing=Disabled to every desktop file?18:50
HengYeDev[m]I can't log into the mer wiki, I use my username and password which completely works on the bugs.merproject20:01
piggzkamro: i had a hack for that at one point20:02
piggzattah: printing on mobile I guess isnt that common, its just nice to have available when you need it20:04
norayrhello sailfish people. inky here.20:04
norayri am now connecting from my xmpp->irc gateway.20:05
norayrwith this nickname.20:05
norayrhello, piggz20:05
norayrglad to see you again.20:05
norayrsailfish people, i wonder why i can add an xmpp account on pinephone, but i cannot see 'presence'20:05
norayrsection in settings?20:05
norayris it normal?20:09
norayrby the way, today i did two things with sailfish on pinephone.20:10
norayrfirst is this:
norayrchanged the resource of xmpp client.20:10
Thaodankamro: You can disable the default profile20:11
Thaodanor add the app to /etc/sailjail/applications/20:11
norayrand second is what is described here:
norayrno idea if mce-tools work on pinephone hardware.20:11
norayrbut it suggested to do20:12
norayrmcetool -searly20:12
norayrand it looks like my pinephone sailfish now20:12
norayris not sleeping, but i can use irc chat, come after a couple of hours and read what happened.20:12
norayrhopefully for more than a couple of hours.20:12
norayrbut i have no idea if mcetool actually works.20:12
norayrbut my main question is: why there can be no 'presence' section in settings?20:13
norayri have a configured account. even two accounts. jolla account and xmpp account.20:13
kamroeven with Sandboxing=Disabled for example in jolla-calendar it sill asks me for permissions..20:23
norayrok also, how can i export contacts as .vcf?20:24
norayrcannot figure that out. :/20:24
norayrthis: doesn't work.20:26
norayrand the error i get i can only find in pastebin.20:27
norayrok i managed to export via people app.20:49
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kamroswipe issues are still present in 4.4.0, nobody at jolla tried to diff 4.1 vs 4.2 changes to figure out what cause the bug? Could be something in PeekFilter in, maybe some code related to virtual keyboard handling which disable peek when keyboard is active?22:51

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