Wednesday, 2022-03-30

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Nekron[m]yea.. but it's always good to make progress and I'm also thrilled by the VoLTE demo so eventually the good stuff is coming (soon [TM]).06:47
Nekron[m]Albeit the CEO blog post announced by flypig in latest community news will be possibly more interesting06:53
x2sXperia 10 III support needs a bit longer :(08:24
x2sBut I can wait08:24
Nekron[m]good things take some time09:00
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lbtPSA is now on OBS - let me know of any problems12:50
malat least the community adaptation common testing project built fine14:32
poetasterpiggz[m], just a note that a fresh device (GS 290), clean volla install, over the air update, fresh flash works BUT video recording is still KO.14:37
poetasterpiggz[m], and screenshots.14:37
idesmilbt: Are there reasons to wait to enable 4.4 target on OBS?16:01
malidesmi: 4.4 target is already on obs16:40
malit was added couple of hours ago16:41
idesmimal: I see it now, although still not added to sailfishos:chum prj16:42
malah, I think nobody added it there yet, I added it now16:49
malidesmi: takes a while now for chum to build16:53
idesmimal: I hope I wasn't rude. I just think that it's best to target the new release as soon as it's published, even if requirements' versions are compatible and even if Chum is unofficial.16:58
poetasterargh. It's a bit difficult to debug sailjail as it is ! ;)16:59
poetasteridesmi: I'm building chum:testing packages now which have the 4.4 target17:12
poetasterI think there is a backlog.17:12
riniguslbt: thank you very much!17:18
lbtand it's now latest too17:19
rinigusooh, and chum with chum:testing are already set... now just have to wait couple of days for it to rebuild17:20
poetasterrinigus, don't be such a sourpuss:
poetasterrinigus, submit18:30
riniguspoetaster: ?18:33
poetasterrinigus, the 4.4 builds of a fix I pushed are through and I submitted to chum :)18:38

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