Thursday, 2022-03-31

nephros-nc-bridge[nctalk] <nephros> lbt: thanks. it seems the sailfishos_version macro is undefined in 4.408:54
malit seems to be in the project config09:02
nephros-nc-bridge[nctalk] <nephros> Sorry my fault. Forgot a %s in printf.09:04
thilo[m]Does someone have experiences with sailjail and the webview? I set the PublicDir permission, but my webview sees only empty folders09:15
poetasterthilo[m], are you trying to load a local file? and which version of SFOS?10:08
thilo[m]solved it already, It turned out I needed the media indexing permission to show pictures etc10:09
poetastercool. for loading html files you need to set WebEngineSettings.setPreference("security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy", false, WebEngineSettings.BoolPref)10:10
poetasteras of SFOS 4.410:10
thilo[m]yes, I think we recently proposed, that this should be added to the documentation ;)10:13
lolekhi, any idea how to get this working?
norayrcan i prevent sailfish to kill android app? it gets killed even in foreground.20:48
norayrin several minutes.20:48
norayri mean i use dalvik.20:48

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