Saturday, 2022-04-02

tibshello, I need help with the fingerprint sensor, can someone help me?08:37
tibsstatus sailfish-fpd shows: /usr/lib/sailfish-fpd: no such file or directory08:38
tibsI might need to reinstall a package but I don't know which one or how08:38
tibsnevermind, rebooted the device and I just needed to clean the sensor, that error might be normal09:22
nephros-nc-bridge[nctalk] <nephros> tibs: which device?11:50
attahTIL, the first generation Google Pixel was codenamed Sailfish14:48
NicoMaybe they wanted to use Sailfish!15:08
attahWho wouldn't? (:15:09
NicoGoogle, probably15:09
attahAs an organization... sure15:10
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