Sunday, 2022-04-03

Solrac[m]Pardon me, I wanted to ask; does AlienDalvik or WayDroid support Bluetooth?02:18
Nicomostly no, afaik05:10
poetasterattah, you have nothing better to do than re-implement properly, do you?17:52
poetaster(ducks, runs)17:52
attahpoetaster: hmmm17:58
attahwhat is most improper about it now?17:59
poetasterah, the programmer that iniated wasn't paying attention to scope. I pushed it into shape, but parser_resrobot.cppparser_resrobot.cpp parser_resobot.cpp does it properly.18:00
poetastercompare void ParserResRobot::parseSearchJourney(QNetworkReply *networkReply)18:02
poetasterYou don't need to re-write it. I'll do it. Just tell me my scope complaint is correct18:03
poetasterStiftung Edinger hell. A bravarian. It's ok. Yours?18:04
attahGeneric lager :/18:05
poetasterI think that was a freudian slip. I'm a sort of an odd example of a bavarian. Bolivian, Canadian Bavarian.18:05
poetasterit's all your fault that I'm reading waypipe documentation!18:06
attahThen you pay way too much attention to my forum trolling18:06
poetasterOh, your tone was stern. I can't even FIND my N900, let alone remember what was running on it ;)18:07
attahI only joined in with the N9... probably paid for it with my first actual salary18:08
attahOkay, i need a hint on the scope thing18:10
attahpointer of local?!18:11
attah"how did this ever work?"18:11
attahRight... it's never deleted18:11
poetasterOh, it's the magic of c++ ... I just looked at it and thought, ok, I'll kick it till it works.18:12
poetasterThe JourneyResultItem vs. JourneyResultList scope issue is what I have in mind. But, you have to compare the resrobot18:13
poetasterIt's a mundane thing, don't bother. I'm just being lazy :)18:13
poetasterand fahrplan is fully of memory gotchas! yeah!18:13
attahAnd i realize i had them switched.. so it is in fact resrobot that is leaky18:14
poetasterrelease() being an aid, but also a kind of crutch ?18:15
attahSeems like a race condition even... is it actually guaranteed to happen in the right order?18:16
poetasterYou mean in resrobot where they call parseJourneySegments ? I think I lost you.18:17
poetasterBoth methods poll through the json results in 'the' order.18:18
attahThat makes two of us :) I mean how it does emit journeyResult(journeyList), with journeyList being a pointer top something new'ed that presumably never gets freed18:19
poetasterIt beats me :) The emit shouldn't do more than signal if I remember correctly.18:21
attahIndeed, but you could theoretically have the receiever do the freeing, which is really iffy18:22
poetasteryeah, my take from reading a couple of open prs is that this is a pervasive issue in fahrplan :)18:22
attahCouldn't the lists just be copied in the signals instead... can't be *that* expensive?18:26
poetastergood question, but too much work, I think. I need to look at the abstractions a bit more.18:28
poetasterJust thought about throwing phones into the water off Djurg√•rden  during a Kr√§ftskiva. Which expresses how I feel about most of this code :)18:35
poetasterI think I may be wanted in Sweden for eco-terrorism (where mosty nokia phones, though)18:36
attahCode has been rewritten for less... so commendable that you are even touching it18:37
poetasterok, off I go.18:37
attahhappy hunting18:37
poetasterI may through stuff at a tv :)18:37
poetaster( I hate to see old code go to waste )18:37
attahWait... the gazillion memory leak PRs are from 2015?18:50
attahor rather gazillion commits in a PR18:50

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